Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How can I use reverse psychology in relationships?

I notice that at time my boyfriend will use it on me (and oohh i can't stand it!!). What are some ways to use reverse psychology without them realizing it? What are some examples you've used it un a relationship?How can I use reverse psychology in relationships?
Quiet treatment always works. Also, people are not use to someone telling them that they are right, so telling your bf ';yeah, you are right'; during arguments or intense conversations will make his inside eat alive. In addition, after telling him that ';he is right'; you should turn away and do something else afterwards instead of waiting a reaction from him...like turn on a tv, pick up a bill on the table or a magazine to look at, it will drive him nuts on the inside (What does she mean by i'm right). Even though he got what he wanted, you telling him that he is right, it will now make him very uncomfortable on the inside. He will, should, start thinking like ';is she being sarcastic by saying i'm right?';.How can I use reverse psychology in relationships?
Reverse psychology in a relationship eventually fails on all levels, because the intentions stop being sincere on BOTH ends...and what are you left with, then?
If you are willing to use reverse psychology and other forms of manipulation to maintain relationships, you're out to do more harm than good. If you don't have enough backbone to be your good self, then why even bother with relationships? You need to take time off and develop a strong sense of yourself, then perhaps go back to relationships if you must.
You just use reverse psychology the same way he does. But if you don't like it, he probably won't like it either.
';Example';: I'm going out for New Years Eve since you're out of town %26amp; I don't have anything to do...

Oh, ok. I guess I should go out all night too. Have fun!

Oh, nevermind, I'll stay home %26amp; talk to you on the phone all night.

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