Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just curious what others think,can long distance relationships work?

I have been talking to someone almost a year now and he stays in another state. We communicate regularly and feelings have become strong between us. At the same time we have two different lives and I don't want to put everything in this just to get hurt any advice!Just curious what others think,can long distance relationships work?
keep talking to him, keep visiting........see where it goes..........take your time.

i think they can work personally.Just curious what others think,can long distance relationships work?
I really think the worst part in a LDR is missing someone you love so much. Sometimes it's really sad.

But concerning the rest of it, it's very similar to a ';regular'; relationship. You must trust your bf/gf, you must care for each other and for the relationship, you must keep in touch, you can't cheat on them, you must share your things and feelings. No BIG differences at all.

When people live close to their bfs/gfs they tend to have the ';illusion'; that everything is alright and ';under control';. Unfortunately, we know it isn't true. Close or not that close, we always have to make efforts to keep a nice and healthy love relationship, or it fails.

So, don't let distance ruin your relationship, follow your heart (don't listen to losers and jerks), remember love worths it.

I wish you happiness.

I think the first question you need to ask yourself and them is what do you want out of this relatonship - that will determine how much you put into it.

If you both care for each other and want a friendship and maybe something more then you will put time into it and be rewarded. Don't be afraid of getting hurt - that is part of relationships; as the saying goes it is better to have loved and lost than never loved before.

However, if you are both communicate and are honest with your feelings and expectations then there is minimal chance of being hurt - exactly the same as if you lived in the same city, next door to each other or in the same house.

It is just harder because you don't have regular physical contact. I would encourage you to use email etc, phone, and web cam to increase and provide variety in your contact.

On the plus side this situation gives you the fantastic opportunity to build a friendship but on who you both are, not a relationship based on the physical.

If you are going to take the relationship to a deeper level, here any expertise I may have runs out - but I think you that even once you have built a great friendship you need to move it slowly to bring it together as you going to knit two separate lives into one. It is easy to assume that you have a great friendship so something deeper must naturally follow - it doesn't. Visit each other and get to know each others friends - if this works then there is a good chance the rest will work.

But communicate about everything and talk this is paramount to any relationship.

All the best
keep on going. I have known of several long distance relationships that have worked...only time will tell...

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