Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is a wedding gift idea for a couple who has children from previous relationships?

I would like the gift to symbolize how they are becoming a family. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I will be awarding the best answer this evening.What is a wedding gift idea for a couple who has children from previous relationships?
Make them a quilt with a square representing each of them, and together they form the blanket/wall hanging. If you do not sew, then have one made.What is a wedding gift idea for a couple who has children from previous relationships?
If you have a pic of them as a fam already, take it and frame it in those frames that say family and have the significance a family. With maybe a card telling them that are all about to embark on a long journey and it will get rough but if you stick together then they'll get through it. I know the gift is small but it will mean a lot to them later. Um, or maybe tickets to something of their interest ex: camping or to an amusement park...also a picture camera is good. I hope this helped.
I like gifts that would help them build memories together.

a popcorn popper with movies

an ice cream maker

tickets to a local family attraction (water park, amusement park, circus)

a gift certificate to a professional photographer to create a family portrait

a painting of the family group

family games (Monopoly, etc.)

have a jigsaw puzzle created from a family photo
At the last two weddings that I have been to they have taken sand, a color for each individual and put it in a glass container to symbolize them becoming a united family. The man goes first, then woman, each of the kids and then back to the man, woman and children. get it. By the time it is done it is very colorful.
I like the idea of something that the blended family will use together. A pony wouldn't go over well with the parents, but there must be some family-friendly electronic kinds of things. VCR, DVD, Wii, iPod.
We did not receive one as a wedding gift, but we were really hoping that someone would have bought us a popcorn popper since we enjoyed eating popcorn together as a family. ROTFLMAO. It was something for my bonus daughters to enjoy.
a collage, a video of them, if they have certain hobbies that brought them together then play on that, i starred so others would see, good luck have a nice night

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picture frames that are matted to hold however many family members there are.... I love the sand thing...
You could get them a beautiful picture frame with all their picture in it.
money devorces really cost alot and their going to need it
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