Thursday, May 13, 2010

What do you consider the magic number in relationships?

After how many weeks, months, ect...does a couple have to date before you think the relationship might be heading towards a long term one? After a month you think it might be long term? Two months? Three months? I guess at what point do you feel it's more than just infatuation that is holding the two of you together?What do you consider the magic number in relationships?
For me it was one month... when you are older you do not want to waste a long time before moving on if the feelings are not there.What do you consider the magic number in relationships?
That depends on you. Some couples date for years without ever thinking of marriage, because they just can't see themselves making it work forever. Others decide to marry fairly quickly...the majority of them don't make it, but originally they thought it would be a serious, long-term relationship.

If you don't feel it, don't force it!
There is no magic number. It depends entirely on the two people in the relationship. Each and every person is going to feel differently toward different people at different times. Just because I feel like I'm falling for you after a few months, doesn't mean you like me THAT much.

Numbers are for math.
I don't think there is a magic number for relationships, it is different for everyone. For my wife and I it was a very very small number before we knew that it was more than just infatuation.

It is something you just have to know in your heart, not on a calender.
I would say after 6 months is a good way onto something bigger. But then there are those in relationships for 5 or 6 years and it seems to have stalled. So if you are looking for a magic number, I am afraid there is no such thing in a relationship.
I think it varies from couple to couple. I knew a couple who'd been married for over 50 years that had only known each other two weeks before they got married. I don't think there's a magic number per se.

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