Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why is money such an important role in relationships?

Some women use men for money. Sometimes women don't feel loved if men don't spend enough money on them. How much is enough, if it's true love it shouldn't cost a dime. I mean, it's great to buy something for someone you love. I do not think it should be important to base a relationship off of.Why is money such an important role in relationships?
so many people cant live without moneys as in the west we live in a materialistic society.

thats why i've spent a lot of time with eastern/ african cultures who value other things such as relationships and smiles and kindness of simple pleasures.

i've know my husband when he was earning mega bucks and now earns nothing. i am lucky that we have both appreciated the best in each other as our most valuable resource.

yes we have a family and know the hardships of money too.Why is money such an important role in relationships?
Because it is important in all relationships. One day you will trip over the money issues, and it might get troublesome.

One rule- always have separate bank accounts.

Back in old Ireland when the man supported the family his job paid in foodstuff. Every day he would go out the door with an empty sack and in the evening he would come with food in the sack for his family.

If he came home with an empty sack it meant that the family would not eat. If he came home too often with an empty sack you can bet the wife would make him feel it. If it was a constant thing this ';empty sack'; the woman would have enough with him and the stress of hunger and doing without would put a strain on the marraige and the family.

';toom pokes'; means empty sack.

It is still true to this day. Money is an important role in relationships because without the necessary sustenance in the family there will be stress, and the relationship will strive for want of food on the table, or rent in the coffers, or decent clothing on the kids back!

Yeah it's true love doesn't cost a dime but if you don't have a pot to piss in then what the hell are you going to cook in? Love alone is not enough. It has to be worked at with respect and sacrifice and if you can't spend a dime on a simple meal then you lose respect of your spouse. If this happens often enough you lose the spouse as well. It's more than just buying something for your loved one. If she is your wife, and your childrens mother you better well be able to insure the woman that her family will be taken care of.

Todays wallet is the equivelant of our ancestors hunt. The better the hunter then the better the food and fur coming into the hut.

The women will always go to the better hunter in her social level.

And that my friend is why money is so important.
Much of western society is based on consumerism. ';I am what I own/spend';. Some folks fall for this nonsense so they feel a need to spend a lot of money (or more accurately, to be seen to be spending lots of money) to feel worthwhile and a ';somebody';.

This is a great fraud of course, but lots of people fall for it.

Humans are funny critters though. Studies have shown it is relative wealth that makes these types feel good.

That is, they feel better their net worth is $100K, provided that all the folks they know are worth less than that. If a year later they are worth $1 Million, but so are all their friends, than they don't feel happy at all despite their net worth being 10 times greater than before. Go figure.
i think money is important but shouldn't be use sometimes you can buy them something and other times you can show your love by doing something special like:

writing a love note

cooking dinner

holding hands

whisper in her ear

and etc. show her how you really love her without spending money
Money is an abstract tool to buy homeostatic needs.
In true love, money or wealthiness is irrelevant, because love is based off of the person, not their belongings or wealthiness.

I think money is such a common role in relationships though, because money is such a common necessity for some. Money can be used to help people, harm people, cure people, and kill people. Wealth is used in however we want, and wealth can carry out our desires. Sometimes the desire to carry out your desires is stronger than your desire to find love in someone.
I have know my girlfriend, soon to be wife ever since we were born. Money has not got in our way. So my simple answer is Americans are money greedy.

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