Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do you think about long distance relationships, can they work?

I really wouldnt consider it to be long distance. We live in different cities in the same state about two hours away at the most.What do you think about long distance relationships, can they work?
Normally they don't work for young age.

You are too much exposed to other people around you, and you are going to miss real things people your age do, until you break.

Physically unstable state.

Tell the other, for now you will not have any bond, but stay in touch for future, who knows. just as terrible as it sounds, but real.What do you think about long distance relationships, can they work?
GEEZ 2 hours? lucky. im 7 hours in the same state but yes long distance does work, absence makes the heart grow fonder. %26amp; i haven't seen him for going on 5 months now. communication is key to keep this LDR up. No communication, no nothing, and everything will crumble. play your cards right and it could work, it takes work, but if you think its worth it go for it!

i been in two ldr's and it always seems like the guy sucks at it more, currently mine is working out fine we fight because we miss eachother,... its complicated. get used to silly fights like that...
Well i am in a long distance relationship and i am in nj and he is in mi... and it has worked for us for 2 years now... they can work as long as you both come to an agreement on when you will be together and for how long. it all depends on your needs in a relationship. I am ok with it myself bc i would rather have this instead of having nothing with him. and that is the question you have to ask yourself. Would you rather have a long distance with the other person or nothing? Or make a big step later on and move closer to each other.
Two hours away ain't bad. My girlfriend got sent to Iraq for 6 months. I just couldn't go that long without phukking. I had me a new girlfriend 3 months into her deployment. For me personally, I just couldn't do it if she was any further than driving distance.
My fiance is in the Army in Kentucky. And I'm in Texas.

Its hard but if you love each other, you have to try to make it work.

believe me i've been in a few long distance relationships besides this one and they are hard.

but they can work if you try.
I think they are extremely difficult and if it's worth it, it may be worth giving a try. I lived in Texas when my b/f at the time moved to California and it lasted about 3 months before we called it quits. It just seemed pointless.
me and my fiance are 3hrs apart....have been for about 6 months now. if its true love and meant to be then yes it will work. plus the feeling you get wen you see each other again is the best ever :o)
2 hours is not bad at all. But if it's 200 miles, you must think

twice. Honestly, looong distance-relationship never works for

majority of people.
I think it can work if you text all the time and if you talk on the phone or web camera. You just have to learn how to make time for each other.

Good luck!
If it is two hours is not long distance! lol, just try to communicate at least by phone every day and surely it works.
mine works and its about 2 hours away too i love her and she loves me and we stay faithful to each other and i vist her whenever i can....it can work if your willing to go the extra mile
That's not too long distance. Gov. Mark Sanford couldn't make his long distance relationship work.
If both of you are just as dedicated as one another to make it work, it will.

Simple as that.
That is long distance. And no they don't work.
they dont work

one of you will run into someone else that you really like and itll end from there
absence makes the heart grow fonder?
if they were meant to be they will work
well when you cant make time to see each other use web-cams to stay in contact
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