Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do you guys think about committed relationships that don't lead to marriage?

like Brad and Angelina. What do you guys think about that? What are the ups and downs of that, versus a marriage?What do you guys think about committed relationships that don't lead to marriage?
My boyfriend and I have been together for five years, we have a son, and I answer questions like this all the time on YA! We do appreciate marriage and everything that goes with it, however, before my boyfriend decided to propose I found out I was pregnant with our son. We decided to save for him instead of an engagement ring or a wedding. He was the priority. Nearly two years later and we're still as in love as ever. In Canada, we're considered common law, our assets are combined and we have the same rights as a married couple.

My boyfriend is committed to me without being married, we love each other and our family and have faith in it. Do we need a piece of paper to prove that to each other? I don't think we do. Though we will have a wedding someday, as the idea of affirming our commitment in front of our friends and family is appealing to both of us. Now, we'd like to wait until our son is a little older to understand it a little better - he can see that his parents are committed to each other and will be together forever (even though that's the case regardless of a wedding).

I don't think strong relationships have to turn into marriages to be strong. I think that two adults can be committed to each other without being married, marriages break up just as relationships do.

Not all men are scum and are going to leave you just because he doesn't have a ring on your finger. If a man is scum he'll leave you even if he does have a ring on your finger.What do you guys think about committed relationships that don't lead to marriage?
I find in these times it's perfectly acceptable. Some people have trouble believing in marriage now because of such high divorce rates. One up is that it will definitely be cheaper with not having to pay for a wedding! And some people argue that these people show a lack of commitment so they can more easily 'walk away' if they are no longer interested. I suppose that is possible in some cases, which would be bad if that were the case with children in the picture. However, I think generally these people are just as committed to the relationship as married people, but just don't like the idea of marriage.
Big mistake. The guy can pick up and leave at any time and you will be left with nothing. Only marriages are covered by divorce laws which provide for dividing community property, paying bills, awarding alimony, etc. It there are children, you will have to prove that they are his and then try to get child support. They will have the stigma of being illegitimate.

It doesn't bother celebrities because they have huge incomes and do not depend on one another for support.
They really have no choice. If you get married in Hollywood there is a 97% chance you will get divorced. Its bad luck.

I think in normal people's lives marriage is more doable. But really, what are the ';ups'; of marriage? The gifts at the wedding? Making it a hundred times harder for someone to leave you?

I guess it's security.

I think it just depends on the kind of person you are. Some people just see marriage as a legal document. I think some think of it as a religious sacrament.

I don't know that there are really ups and downs. If you are committed to each other forever and not married, whats the difference?

Each to their own, I don't think Brad and Angelina are a good example, relationships of any kind don't seem to last very long among Hollywood folk but I have seen several ';normal '; couples who make it work very well.
I don't really have an issue with it. It's better than getting married and divorced a million times. I personally want to be married before I have children or even live with someone. It's just a personal choice.
Nothing wrong with it.

After about 7 years most states would consider that a common law marriage.

The state should have nothing whatsoever to do with the sanctioning of marriage.
I think man people are just too scared to make a commitment, and want to have an easy cop out. But marriage is religious. That's why its important to me.

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