Sunday, May 9, 2010

How does the military treat gay relationships?

Are they dealt with/not dealt with the same way as heterosexual relationships, or are they not allowed?How does the military treat gay relationships?
They treat it with a discharge. Then they follow it up with a RE-4; barring a reenlistment.

Princess V; I don't know where you got your information from, but homosexual conduct is STILL prohibited. The President said during his campaign that he wanted to allow homosexuals to openly serve but he alone can't allow it. The old policy is still in effect and in order for it to change Congress, not the President, has to change it.

Also, thumbing me down won't change the policy. If you have a problem with it write your Congressman. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.How does the military treat gay relationships?
First of all, the policy has not been changed yet! I hope for a time when gay people can serve openly because we are really one of the only countries--if not the only one--in the Western world that has a ban on serving openly.

Sorry folks, but the ';Don't ask. Don't tell policy'; is still there. President Obama says he would like to change it to openly serving, but that hasn't happened yet, and he can't do it on his own.

I don't know why the people replying are saying they can serve openly, but they can't. It's sad that gay people aren't allowed to serve their country openly, but again, they cannot do so at this time.

Gay relationships are not treated well in the military. For instance, the person/people would get discharged if they are found out. Again, this goes back to the policy that is still in place--';Don't ask. Don't tell.';
It's the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy.

You can be gay in the Military. There are MANY Gay men and women serving in the Military right now.

They however can not marry another person of the same sex and can not ';express'; their sexuality in the Military.
you can be gay and have a bf in the military, you just arent allowed to do homosexual acts.

**** if someone wants to serve, who cares if they prefer plowing box or plowing stink-star?
They have a hard enough time with the men/women. There will be open problems, but they don't want that kind of thing going on while you're on duty. They don't allow it, that's why there's a don't as don't tell philosophy about it.

It used to be the ';Don't Ask Don't Tell'; policy but thanks to President Obama, gay people are allowed in the military now.
You can't have a gay relationship in the military. however you can be openly gay but just don't act like a girl.
actually that was under bush and clinton, now its serve arent supposed to talk about it though, i forget the complete slogan but gone are the days of having to deny it or supposed...
Personally i dont think gay people should be allowed in the military but thats my opinion. In the U.S. i believe you cant have relationships in the military
They aren't allowed.

That is the ';Don't Ask/Don't Tell'; policy.
They have a policy of ';don't ask, don't tell'; If you want to make your sexual orientation public then you are discharged.
Openly Gay People are not allowed in the Military. Period.
They will kick your sick asses out...
Gays are not allowed to sign up for the army.
They can't ask and you shouldn't tell.
';Don't ask - don't pick up the soap';

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