Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is love from same age good for successful relationships?

I listened about love from same age. Some people opanion was ';Its good';, some';its bad';, some';its possible'; and some say ';you love anywhere and every where';.

I want opanion from an expert.Is love from same age good for successful relationships?
My husband and I are few months apart age wise and he is the older, we met at university and I believe it was love at first sight, even if we didn't realize it immediately, We married within two years of graduating and that was 14 years ago, we are still in love, so from my experience, being in love and marrying someone my own age has been a successful venture.

I do disagree with sweety in saying that age gap with the man being at least 3 to 4 years older creates respect. What creates respect is mutual understanding, love, trust, taking care of the duties of marriage as dictated by God etc, it has nothing to do with the age of the husband.

If your man treats you like his queen like my husband does with me, you can't but want to care for and respect him because that is what he deserves.Is love from same age good for successful relationships?
When it comes to love ( in the US anyway) nothing is written in stone. No set rules except you better make sure the person is of legal age or you will be going to jail. Look at MaryKay LeTurneau %26amp; Villi whatever his lasr name is. Happy everafter. And all the Hollywood types who get rich %26amp; dump the old %26amp; aging wives %26amp; marry the 30 years younger women.
works for me so far.......
Love is love age does not come in to it, if the love you feel comes from th heart then it's true love, and don't be put of by what people say.

Love %26amp; Peace

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