Thursday, May 13, 2010

How do you feel about younger people having relationships?

ok im going into my final year of junior high, and im curious to know what people think about this. I noticed that most adults say that young teens dont know wat love is and if thats the case then why am i seeing so many have sex?How do you feel about younger people having relationships?
There is a MAJOR difference between Sex and Love.

Sex is an act made out of irrational thinking and only for pleasure.

Making Love is when you have sexual intercourse with someone that you love deeply, and should be married to.

I would say a good majority of teens have had multiple sex partners by the time they reach the legal age of consent, 16, and haven't been in love with any of those partners.

Older teens can, and I say can, as in not all, but some are lucky enough to find it, know what love is... older as in, 18,19. Not 13, 14... at that age your just hitting puberty or not too long after it, and your hormones act out before you think about it. That is why 12, 13 year old girls are running around pregnant now because their and some boy's hormones got the better of them and they experimented too far, and now that boy is still off playing with his little friends and the girl is about to get a good hard dose of reality.

I lost my virginity when I was 15...stupidest thing I've ever done. I was dating a 20 year old and thought he loved me. How wrong I was...after getting what he wanted long enough and getting me pregnant, and forcing me into an illegal abortion, and by forced I mean I fought til I couldnt fight anymorer... after dating for 8 months, then he left me.

Having sex is just the start, then you act out in other rebellious ways....not always but many do end up doing that for example drugs/alcohol/smoking...all of those things end you up depressed. I spent my entire teen years depressed after that, attempted suicide multiple times....I lost the most important years of growing and learning and just being a kid because of sex. I seriously blame everything on me deciding I was ';in love'; and ready for sex.

You can't be ready for sex until you are an adult and morally, you should be married. The teenage mind is not ready for that kind of thing. sex is more of a mental thing, expecially for girls than it is physical. it causes so much emotional damage.

Well, that was my opinion.How do you feel about younger people having relationships?
A lot of young people think they are in love so they do things they most likely will regret in the future. Also, many young girls beleave if they do things with boys, the boys will like them. That isn't the case. Most guys would rather date a girl that hasn't been with other guys. Wait, have fun with your friends. You don't have to date to have fun. Friendship can last forever, relationships in school hardly ever last. Especially if your not even in high school. Hope I helped
It's normal to want to be in a relationship and people are very wrong to say that you're too young to know what love is. Especially since it doesn't make sense to me that people who are very old don't even know what love is because they've never experienced it themselves. We all develop differently and I know a few people who have been ';together'; since childhood and they end up getting married and die together. It's BS when you're told you're too young for this too young for that... There's an age to start having sex, but everyone knows when, but be careful of all the pressure put on you. You need to know when to say yes and when to say no. Just be smart, you're not too young.
They say young dont know what love is. Most adults dont know what love is. People having sex is not love, its an experience, they might not be having sex with the same person or even going out with someone in a relationship. I think there are mature young people who know what love is. You know when you are in love and you know when you are just looking for fun
Because sex feels good. Sex and love are not the same. Adults recomend young people do not have sex until they are older [more mentally matured], because having sex at a young age leads you to be more likely to have multiple sexual partners, meaning a higher risk of STD's and pregnancy.. But most of all.. A higher risk of getting hurt. You may truly believe you're in love.. If it's love, it will last.. So wait a little longer, because your body isn't ready, your mind isn't ready, and most of all... Your life isn't ready.. Sex changes EVERYTHING.. perhaps not at first.. but with time you will notice how your life changed because of one moment...

Trust that if so many adults say you shouldn't.. there is a good reason behind it.. Even if you don't understand why right now..
their experimenting.

they just want to act older,

to look cool infront of their peers.

they really shouldnt be though.
it depends how young are you talking here
I dont give a ****!

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