Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How does being bipolar affect your romantic relationships and dating?

My date, 16, is extremely bipolar, but takes Seroquil which seems to work.

In addition to being bipolar, my date also has ADD, Anxiety, Fear of Failure, and also just completed rehab for marijuana addiction.

My date also just completed 3 months in foster care becuase the bio mom was addicted to drugs.

What are some of the complications I can expect dealing with ALL these psychological issues.

How does being bipolar affect your romantic relationships and dating?
Contrary to what the previous poster said, cheating is not inevitable. I am bipolar and have been faithful with my boyfriend for almost three years. However, dating someone who is bipolar can be very hard, even if they are in proper treatment. Be strong and know that the person doesn't always mean what they say. Really bad things can seem like a good idea at the time and the consequences can be hell. Be as consistent as possible, but don't expect the same from your date. Learn as much as you can about the disorders and try to understand where the person is coming from. Talk. I can only speak generally, and from my own experience because everyone has a different experience with the same disorder.How does being bipolar affect your romantic relationships and dating?
I have bipolar disorder and have been in two long-term relationships. The first eight years and now the second, seven years so far. I am not the easiest person to live with, but my first relationship didn't end because of my mental illness. My current partner has seen my depression, mania and everything in between. My partner and I have open discussions about the complications and positives of my illness. My depression effects my partner the most. I have a hard time smiling much less try to have fun when I am down. I notice that when I am down my other half's emotions can become sad as well. I can say that when in any relationship I am extremely passionate and this usually makes the bad times not so bad.

I don't wish anyone to deal with my moods, but I would be saddened if no one gave me the chance.

Be careful with your heart. You can only decide what you want to deal with. Is she worth your time and energy because being in a relationship with someone with bipolar disorder will add additional stress to your life. I assure you I have never cheated on anyone in my years of dating.

Again, be careful with your heart.
The thing you have to understand about being bipolar is that it is as close to having multiple personalities as you can get without actually having a split personality. Depending on the day or even the time of day, I often find myself looking at the world completely different than I did moments before. It is like I have two different personalities at the same time and both are battling each other for dominance. Friendships and relationships are the hardest. I could be dating someone for several months and all of a sudden it seems like we are on our first date. You can expect she will cheat on you, so be prepared for how you will handle it. When she cheats, it will not be that she is trying hurt you - as when it happens she will in many ways think she is justified in doing it. I hate to say this, but it might be best to find someone else. At 16 she will have enough problems as it is without adding to it the ones you listed. Good luck!
Prepare yourself...... I hope you are dedicated. She is going to put you through some $hit. Remember though that she doesn't mean it. I've fu*ked up all my relationships.

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