Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you feel about cross racial relationships?

I have no problem with other people dating like that... I mean maybe white girl and black guy when their really young is kind of wrong but otherwise it's okay. Usually, though I think it causes problems and as for myself I would want to date someone close to my race. Just my opinion though.How do you feel about cross racial relationships?
For some people, esp young folks, dating another race is like a chance to be someone else for a while. It's the closest experience they can have to walking in someone else's shoes. That's why they take on all those behaviours even if their 'native' significant other doesn't have them.

Jungle fever comes in all colors, actually.How do you feel about cross racial relationships?
I'm all about cross-racial relationships because I'm in one, for life.

I'm Egyptian and my fiance is a white girl born and raised here in Canada, before her I dated all kinds of girls.

Our families are significantly different and any ';problems'; and yet we never had any issues.

If you want to be together sometimes you have to work at it, nothing comes easy.

Now what kind of ';problems'; are you talking about, because I'm finding this question not to be specific enough.

I also don't a white girl and a black guy dating when they're young ';wrong';

Maybe that wasn't the choice of words you wanted to use?

If you feel more comfortable dating somebody closer to your race because that's who you find you're attracted to, then go ahead, but if you feel the way you do due to other influences then it would be a good time to question your knowledge and broaden your horizons.

Good luck in your journey.
I don't have a problem with cross racial relationships as long as both parties are mature. What I don't like seeing is a couple that are cross racial or cultural in which one party starts talking %26amp; acting ghetto, when the black partner didn't come from the ghetto and doesn't act that way; or cursing in Spanish and throwing gang signs. All that comes across to me is here is a person that doesn't like who they are, and is a total phony.
Agreed. Humans should date whatever race they want. Why would youth and dating someone of a differing race make any difference?
Everyone should be able to date anyone they want. It's no one else's business who dates whom.

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