Thursday, May 13, 2010

How do the Dutch people feel about interracial relationships?

My sister is in one with Dutch man and he wants her to come visit him in the Netherlands. I am worried about the way she will be treated there.How do the Dutch people feel about interracial relationships?
I agree we are much easier about it than some others, but there are differences. If he is from a smaller place in the country, people are just not so used to seeing people of other races and/or cultures, so there might be a bit of a culture shock - but that wouldn't mean she wouldn't be welcomed.

My family, from a conservative background in the East of the country, had to swallow twice when I came home with an American wife of Spanish decent - but they have always treated her extremely well..How do the Dutch people feel about interracial relationships?
The Dutch are a very warm and loving bunch. I've never had anything but enjoyable times when I've visited the Netherlands, or any part of of mid-northern europe. I'm a white 30-something male, and my wife is black, we have three boys, and who've all had wonderful experiences in all of our travels. It's the color that they'll look at, it the attitude. She just has to remember, that one, she's not in the states, and two...there's a time and place. Keeping that in mind with some common sense, and she'll have a wonderful experience too.
The dutch are very tolerant. In my experience if they don't know you they couldn't care less about your business. If they do know you you may get a comment here and there but all in good fun.

Oh and if your sis makes any effort to learn to speak dutch... people will totally be nice.

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