Sunday, May 9, 2010

How has feminism backfired for personal relationships?

For example: Though women have sexual freedom they don't have true commitment. Since sex is readily available?

Though women are competing and succeeding in the work force, yet they are failing at home with absent parenting in both single/dual income families?

When making more money yet the supply of men who makes as much or more are in short supply.

And finally, women making the money and yet men still have to pay to maintain some semblance of femininity?

Apathy from men towards relationships and family roles.How has feminism backfired for personal relationships?
Have you eve considered maybe it isn't feminism that makes so many marriages failed but, maybe it's the men in a woman's life that causes a marriage to fail.

And as for the absent parenting deal. Your claim is not at all accurate. There are plenty of double income families where both parents work that manage to still have enough time to properly raise their children. Not to mention single mother who have to work and, have a sorry *** babies father who won't pay child support. And yet these single mothers still manage to bring up a productive and, respectful member of society.

';When making more money yet the supply of men who makes as much or more are in short supply';. Not sure what you mean by that but, if you honestly think someone should make a higher income simply based on their gender, you seriously have issues.How has feminism backfired for personal relationships?
It hasn't. If anything, it's made my relationship better, since both of us take responsibility for our own lives and money and don't expect anything material from each other. That kind of responsibility is what a lot of relationships seem to lack these days.
Is essentially REQUIRED commitment superior? Really? Commitment to someone that has basically complete control over the situation?

Kids with working mothers are happier than those with oppressed stay at home moms. This has been shown in study after study.

Time for a change of standards. Men don't need to make more, that's sillyness.

Again, societies strange constructions of gender should change.

Is ';Family Roles'; your types code word for something a little more sexist? Of course it is. We all know the housewife was always oppressed. Say it like it is.

Nostalgia is polluting your common sense.

Get over your dreamy sense of how loving your oppressed 50's mom was, and try to think up how the ~REALITY~ of it was.

talk about questions from another decade!

sexual freedom does not indicate a lack of commitment in a committed relationship. sexual freedom means a woman can declare what she wants in the bedroom and have a one night stand if she chooses or not. it's sexual freedom, not mandated sexual activity.

many mothers work and raise healthy, happy, well adjusted children.

and it is simply not possible for many families to survive financially on one income.

why does a woman have to make as much or less than her partner?

income is income. if a man feels emasculated by the fact that his partner makes more than him that is his issue, not hers.

men do not have to pay. it is considered custom to some people but like society it is changing. our children may consider this an antiquated notion by the time they are young adults and dating.

and if a man is apathetic to his familial responsibiltiy that is not his wife/partner's fault. it is his. how does feminism cause apathy by men toward relationships and family roles.

please include some sources to back up your claims next time.

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