Sunday, May 9, 2010

What do u thimk of interracial relationships?

As common as it is i still get weird looks and comments from people like its the worst thing they have ever seen. I am black and he is puerto rican.What do u thimk of interracial relationships?
i'm a white guy that dates black women. i really don't pay attention to other people's reaction when they see us. when i am with my girl, i am there for her and i could care less what other people think about it. so just ignore those ignorant people.What do u thimk of interracial relationships?
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it doesn't matter what other people the end of the day it's only you and your partner that should matter and if you two are happy than keep doing what your doing. I'm on the same boat as you, my girl is white and i'm black and we get stared down all the time when i take her out...and as much as i hate that kind of attention i don't let that ish bother me because it's out of my control and the only way to run from it is if i were to leave my girl....and that aint an option.
OMG! LOL! This is SO hilarious bc I was looking for questions about interracial couples and how they feel bc I am also black (well Haitian/ cuban born in America) and he is more puertorican than ever (born in hawaii raised in PR for 6 years.. than NY... than down to FL where we met). And um.. just 2 months ago we left our condo on the beach bc people were giving us the looks and the remarks.. and accusing us of things that... we just don't do.. smoking drinking.. etc. and we just left and laughed and we're like... it's ridiculous how things like this still exist. This is 2009. Love knows no color. Seriously. I's been 8 years as bestfriends and 5 years and loves and we're still standing strong. Believe we've gotten ALL the comments in the worlds.. good and bad.. but it's not about them.. it's about the love. My advice.. and this is as nice as my aunt told me to say it..

';F*** 'EM!';

with a smile :)

Bc at the end of the day.. you're happy with you Boriquen man right? Bc I know I am!

And I just can't wait until 3 years from now when our 1st little one comes along! MWAHAAHA!
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I think interracial couples are adorable. Who cares if you get weird looks I say as long as you are happy that is all that matters. By the way if/when you have kids, they will be beautiful!!!!! :)
I could care less, are you really going to let what other think rule your life!

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