Sunday, May 9, 2010

What do you think about interracial relationships?

Be honest! Specifically hispanic and white. I am not asking this question to offend anyone, I am in one. It just seems like people care so much about something that is so insignificant. I just want to know other peoples thought and opinions on the subject.What do you think about interracial relationships?
Hispanic and White mixed is a very normal thing to see where I live (Los Angeles). I am in an interracial marriage myself, but not your typical race mix you would imagine. If you love the person go for it!What do you think about interracial relationships?
I'm open to it. I (being white) am attracted to darker men. Polynesians, a few Hispanics, Italians, Bollywood actors... I've been attracted to Black celebrities but haven't really know that many in real life to develop a relationship with. I had an Asian man tell me that he couldn't decide if he was attracted to me since I was the wrong race. I thought that was rude. So I think it's acceptable if people are willing to work through the differences, mostly comeing from cultural backgrounds, just like any realationship.
I usually find it refreshing to see, especially if it's out of the norm, like a black woman with a white man. Though, that is becoming more common it seems.

Spanish people and white people are seen as the same in the UK so there isn't any mix of race, they are the same.
Mix it all up.
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