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What do you think of intercultural relationships?

Would you marry someone who spoke a different language than you, had different beliefs, ate different foods, had a different color skin, etc?

Is love really blind?What do you think of intercultural relationships?
Im an american (pr decent) %26amp; she is very carribean

she speaks spanish %26amp; french I spoke.. english.. only

She was in graduate school, i had never been to college.

She grew up in a big family with both parents, went to private school, I've had a broken, drama-filled family %26amp; have been on my own since 17

i had no belief, she is a devote catholic

She's been traveling since she was a child. I've never been outside the US

she eats and cooks every meal from every country you can fathom.

Im a chicken %26amp; mash potatoes kind of guy.

Im white complexioned, shes black complexioned.

I love my princess beyond belief.

Everything that is different about us, is what attracts us to eachother.

We have grown together. Years ago, i would have never seen my self finishing college, in a better career, eating sushi %26amp; pad ki mow, traveling, learning a new language, becoming catholic, having such a strong sense in my faith, and having a solid family to call my own.

So i encourage intercultural relationships and people with differences. It leads to greater experiences. It did for me.What do you think of intercultural relationships?
I might be hard to keep the peace in the house if the two of you have different beliefs and speak a different language. You have to be aware of the issues that you will have going into the marriage. You either have to help her speak your language or learn to speak hers. Learn to love the foods she eats and be okay with the different beliefs the both of you will have. What if you have kids, what belief will they have to follow. The skin color is no big issue. But you have to think long and hard about the other things.
I've always been open with intercultural relationships. Personally, I'm white but I'm attracted to black men. I wouldn't mind them speaking a different language as long as we were still able to communicate well. I would respect their beliefs as well (whether they were the same or different as mine.) And as for foods, I don't like seafood at all, I'm allergic to a lot of it, but if that's what he loves, I wouldn't mind it at all.

So for me yes, love is blind.
I would not be concerned about language, appearance or religion. However, I would not even date a man whose culture demeans women. It has been my experience that these cultural beliefs grow even stronger after having children. I could not tolerate it. Additionally I would not marry a man if I had to relinquish my rights to equality to visit his homeland (Cover my face and body, for instance). I am too American to agree to such derogatory treatment. So, for me love is blind as long as it does not involve giving up my equality.
since i have always dated men of different religions, and am marrying one, yeah. sometimes there are misunderstanding, but we clear it up pretty quick. as for language... well, it would have to be a language i understood, but yeah. foods, i dont care, as long as i don have to participate. skin color is odd, since i have a very obvious preference for blond pale blue eyed men, but i dont have a philosophical problem with it. just never seemed to work out that way. the key to being with someone of another culture is that you allow them to have theirs, and they let you have yours.
Having different beliefs really becomes a problem when it comes to raising your children. Being tolerant of others' religion is one thing, but letting them fill the heads of your children with that nonsense is another matter, and they feel the same way from their perspective.

For example, I'm very not religious, while my wife believes in God, but doesn't go to church or pray or otherwise 'practice religion'. At some point, our son and daughter are going to ask about God. Even as I'm typing this out, I'm realizing that the answer will be that mom believes and dad doesn't, and it's up to them to find out for themselves.
I understand some people are attracted to people who are different from them, and think it's OK as long as they are mature enough to understand they WILL have numerous differences...and respect them.

I have always admired women who leave their family, friends, job and country to marry a man from another country or culture. I think they really must be in love in order to do such a sacrifice! (Unfortunately, not all of them end up being as happy as they thought they would be.)

Love is blind...and sometimes naive. People who expect to live happily ever after in relationships where important issues - like religious beliefs, upbringing and education, values and child rearing- are too different tend to not last. Many times the inlaws and the country itself may be too much of a change for them to adjust, and they end up really stressed out.

Personally, I go by what my grandma used to say...';Each sheep with its equal.'; I consider myself a strong, educated and independant I would never consider marrying a man who thought I was inferior or less of a human being just because I was born a woman.
I did this. Shortly after I married my husband he was baptized so that we would share the same religion. I think in falling in love there a mixture of love and an element of logic, as far as predicting things will work long term. We both have a good work ethic and are family oriented. We both like sci fi movies, and hate tomatoes. Honestly cultural norms take more time to adapt to than the language barrier. One of the things I like is that it keeps things spicy. Even though I am a pretty mainstream American, to him, I am exotic, and to him, when I speak his language, I have a 'cute' accent.
I'm Puerotrican and my wife is from Kentucky. She loves all foods even Mexican food; I hate Mexican food.

She is Baptist and I'm Catholic.

We don't do illegal drugs, but we both smoke and drink.

She is very liberal and I'm conservative.

She didn't vote, but I did.

She hates the color Red and I love the color Blue.

She picks out the living room furniture I just cover the bill.

She goes grocery shopping and I stay at home.

She is the Boss all I do is pay the bills.

Cultral relationship? We have enough indifference than worrying about that.
I love that people are free to marry whomsoever they choose.. yes, love is definitely blind.

As for me, I have never been attracted to anyone w/ a different skin color, different language or different religious beliefs..
I think these marriages CAN end up fine, as long as both people take the time to make sure they completely understand the issues that will crop up and where they might have to compromise. This is especially important when each person has strong religious beliefs but not the same religion.
Play Nice, I recognize beauty and personality and goodness wherever I find it, and I've had a lot of interracial dates. One problem though is language. That kinda gets down pretty quickly to the languages all races understand, if you know what I mean. Jack C.
Yes, no, yes, yes.

No to different beliefs, because what would you have in common then? Yes to all the others. A person's race doesn't matter to me. I love other languages and if it was one I could learn then heck yes, bring it on!. :-)
It takes more adjustment than a the same culture marriage, but yes I would be willing marry someone from a different culture as long as his beliefs are the as mine.
I don't have problems with skin color. I don't think I could marry someone who don't speak English or had different beliefs, in short anyone who is not American.
i will not marry someone if they have a different belief then i do, the bible says there will be peace in the house if both share the same faith.
I would...

If u love them, then you love them.

None of that should matter.

If anything i enjoy it cuz you could learn a diff

Language and about theit culture
maybe to you guys, but life will be made very difficult to all those around you.

Maybe his family friends etc would never accept you.
most certainly,,,,,
if I loved her, sure.
I think as long as it's not Latin Americans and whites trying to mix it's ok. Usually Latinos have an ulterior motive when it comes to being with someone white. I'm African-American and am attracted to caucasian men.

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