Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do you think online relationships can work?

I met a guy online a few years ago and we lost touch. Now we have reconnected and have been chatting quite a bit. He's cute and funny and I like him a lot. We live really far away from one another and I'm scared to get to like him too much because I'm thinking it could never work. Do you think long distance can work if we eventually moved closer to one another?Do you think online relationships can work?
ye it works very perfectly ive seen work for others so iknow it works for meDo you think online relationships can work?
Of course they don't.

One if not both parties get lonely and get tired of waiting. So they find the closest available, so they're not lonely anymore. The best thing, the other party won't know about it. The perfect scam.

Eventually, they are caught, and it's over.

So do yourself a favor. Leave the house. Start looking for people who aren't on the computer, and date that way. You get a better feel of people that way too. People tend to lie on the computer too.

You might get someone who tells you they are 23/m, but in reality they are 45/m. Leaving the house, you can see for yourself.
they dont work

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