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What are Jane Eyre differing relationships with Edward Rochester and St John Rivers ?

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Thank you so muchWhat are Jane Eyre differing relationships with Edward Rochester and St John Rivers ?
It is quite simple. Rochester offers to Jane a love without marriage and St John a marriage without love. The two men are the exact opposites and Jane is torn between them and tries to find the balance. Even the adjectives used by Charlotte Bronte for the two male characters are opposite: Rochester is fire and St John is ice. Mr Rochester although a common sinner is more capable of loving Jane and letting her free to express herself and develop, while St John ';incarcerates'; her spirit, is incapable of love in general and can not accept Jane in her whole character despite his holy aspect and purposes. St John turns out to be a selfish creature that wants to exploit what he sees as good in Jane.

Jane is affected by both men. She writes:

';I was almost as hard beset by him (St John) now as I had been once before, in a different way, by another (Rochester). I was a fool both times. To have yielded then would have been an error of principle; to have yielded now would have been an error of judgment.';

She is affected by Rochester because she loves him so much, because he saw what she was and appreciated and encouraged her. She is affected by Rivers because she owes him her life, because he is one of her scant relatives, because she is too depressed to resist his efforts and finally because he possesses a character that doesn't explode with anger to help her channel her own against him. Even when she says to him:

';I scorn your idea of love, I scorn the counterfeit sentiment you offer: yes, St. John, and I scorn you when you offer it.';

He replies with wounded dignity:

';I scarcely expected to hear that expression from you,'; he said: ';I think I have done and uttered nothing to deserve scorn.';

And Jane apologises embarrashed where she should not be at all for saying the truth.What are Jane Eyre differing relationships with Edward Rochester and St John Rivers ?
Reading over Jane's character analysis will probably help:

also look at rochester and john rivers - if you still need inspiration, look at the other stuff on shmoop's site... like the Did You Know? section and the Best of the Web. i hope that helps!

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