Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can I get someone to trust me after their previous bad relationships?

Following the death of my wife(Dec07) I have recently started a new relationship,but all my friends are female, ex work etc. who still like to keep in touch. How can I convince the new person in my life that they are just being good friends?How can I get someone to trust me after their previous bad relationships?
Well trust takes time... make her trust you by doing everything right... dont give her a reason not to trust you... one wrong move it all over buddyHow can I get someone to trust me after their previous bad relationships?

I am sorry to hear of the death of your wife.

Trust takes a while to build up. Your new relationship is probably worried about all the friends you have, have been more than just friends and this needs to be talked about.

Tell her that after and before the death of your wife, these friends provided you with much needed support and friendship which is what you needed at the time and that that is all they are.

Be sure to lavish your new partner with attention - make her feel special and you will be fine hun.

My condolences regarding the passing of your wife. You shouldn't have to gain her trust unless you have continuing conversations behind the new woman's back. Also, when beginning a new relationship, sometimes you have to figure out what friendships are worth keeping by analyzing them. Although you've known some of the women for quite sometime has the new woman in your life met any of the old ones? If so have they made her feel uncomfortable with inappropriate remarks that maybe you are not aware of? I wish you the best of luck! Also, don't rush into anything, waiting can be hard but it may just be you haven't met the right one yet. Shoot, my husband has friends I'm not worried cause he knows what will happen if he screws up! lol
be totally open and make sure you tell your new partner everything and i would make sure you introduce her to all your female friends so she can slowly build the trust you deserve as a decent chap and help her to realise she has nothing to worry about. it already seems to me that you value her feelings and don't want to hurt her feelings so use that in your favour and hopefully your friends will become good friends with your partner too. it wouldnt hurt to give your partner lots of physical contact to reassure her when you are in the presence of your friends to further cement in her mind that all your feelings are for your partner. having said all this make sure you give her all the time she needs. good luck mate :) wish you all the best
You really can't. It's incumbent on her to realize that she can't judge all men by past difficulties she's had with previous mates. If she cannot do that, you will have a world of trouble all around. It's natural given your recent loss that people would be more attentive to you right now...I would think your new interest would understand that fact. My condolences on your loss, and best wishes for the future.
probably be in a relationship with a woman that can handle you having a ton of girl friends. doesnt sound like this girl needs to handle that sort of stress.
Awww that's so sad...I'm sorry to hear that. If the new person in your life doesn't understand that they are your support system then she isn't worth your time.
show kindness and consideration don't keep secrets include partner when meeting with female friends
Personally i agree with your new girl!!!! although these were friends from BEFORE her. Your women should be your best friend!!! i guess i dont know what to tell you.
they should trust you.
you just have to give them that you understand how they feel.
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