Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you build relationships past friends?

I know a girl and we're friends but i want to go further and so does she but not too far yet. No stupid answers unless they are funny and make me laugh. I really need help. I'm stuck.How do you build relationships past friends?
Kiss her!! I am serious. I was best friends with a guy for 2 years. One day, we were hanging out and he kissed me..I had no idea he even liked me..and it just went from there. We have been together 5 years:)

Another less courageous thing is just to tell her you're interested and ask her on a ';date'; or to hang out as more than friends. Or you could try grabbing her hand when you're hanging out and see what she does. You need to find out, though. There is no sense just sitting around wondering..

You're question is a little confusing..cause you say you want to go further and so does she..but not too you mean that you just want advice on how to hook up or what? Either way, my advice would still be to just kiss her and let things happen.How do you build relationships past friends?
what do u mean by you want to go further but not to far? if you just want to hook up then tell her, if u want her to be urs then tell her.
Just keep hanging out with eachother so you can build up the trust and the bond. If she doesn't want to do anything then don't force her into it. It all takes time so be patient!!
Ya gotta have a bond and ya know that it can;t be wrong ,cause if you are gonna be strong, then you don't see no thongs!
spend more time together. Talk sincerely maybe theres a reason she doesnt want the same thing you do.
if you really love her , just tell her how you feel for her, show your feelings for her.good luck!!!!
ask her go hang out with you somewhere, just you and her.
time heals usually my advice [=

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