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How are boys affected in incestuous relationships?

When a mother has emotional and sexual relations with one of her male offspring she is damaging his psyche in which ways? Please elaborate.

Thanks.How are boys affected in incestuous relationships?
My answer would be yes because men can be confused as well. Just because we can get sexually aroused faster does not mean that men cannot be affected by incestuous relationships. When a child, teenager, or even adult male has sex with their mother they are being blocked from the world and what is true love outside your family because we love our girlfriends differently from our mothers. Then when had sex with our mother and liked it we will compare everyone else to mothers just like we would with an ex- girlfriend. This situation together becuase most people will not find anyone else that loves them as much as their mother. I believe this is an taboo not only becuase it is disgusting, but becuase we get into heavy problems when the court becomes involved it becomes a debate of molestation and rape or consensual relations. how can we tell the child was brain washed or really did want to have sex with their mother. Boys get affected by heading towards a future of misleading love life and confusion of actual relationships. It can even affect them to a point where a psych ward will be needed. Their lives are completely consumed with post- traumatic syndrome. I hope I answered your questions so Good Luck and Take Care.How are boys affected in incestuous relationships?
Consensual incestuous relationships do not cause any damage.

The reason incest is perceived as being destructive is the morality that has evolved from the warped teachings of the Judeo-Christian religion.

Sex is purely an extension of love. There is no reason this symbolic act cannot occur between family members.

The key is consensual. That, and condoms ora birth control should be used to prevent the sister, mother, grandmother, or cousin from getting pregnant. Pregnancy is a problem because of possible birth defects.

However, non-reproductive incest presents no inherent moral or ethical dilemmas.

';There is no right or wrong. Thinking makes it so.'; - Hamlet

There is a deeper, universal morality that says this -

';An it harm none, do as ye will.';

Just take away this point:

As long as the sex is consensual, and condoms or birth control are used, no one gets hurt.
Other than the most obvious violation of the child's physical self, the child also experienced emotional trauma. The child is forced into sexual activity with the inability to protest or refuse. The person molesting him is also the person who is supposed to provide for him and protect him, so there is a conflict because she is also now exploiting him. This will have a strong effect on how he views girls and women in his life later. I had been involved with a man who had been victimized sexually by his mother when he was young (he didn't tell me about it until long after we had broken up), and he had a strong ';madonna-whore'; complex (google it). There are huge trust issues with these men, because the one person they should have been able to trust the most violated that trust, often repeatedly. Often the sexual arousal is associated with shame and guilt, and this doesn't magically go away when he gets into an appropriate sexual relationship. Finally, who does this guy turn to to discuss his victimization? We usually think of incest being between fathers and daughters, so the male victim often has limited resources for counseling and even professionals often don't believe him. There is a good book available for these men; see second link below.
Um, I'm pretty sure it must be...

that's pretty sick. :/

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