Saturday, January 23, 2010

What are your feelings about interracial relationships?

Okay, so I have always been with white men, and every single time I have been treated like crap.

I am seriously thinking about dating a black guy, because they all seem so sweet.

What are your feelings about this sort of thing?What are your feelings about interracial relationships?
Whatever works for you

SteveCWhat are your feelings about interracial relationships?
';I am seriously thinking about dating a black guy, because they all seem so sweet.';

They All seem so sweet? What a ridiculous generalization.

It's cool if you want to date black guys. And you will probably find it easier to get them interested than white guys. But you should be honest with yourself as to why you are choosing to take that direction in life.
Well, we are all human beings, regardless of the color of our skin. I am in an interracial marriage. I am African American, and my husband is Hispanic, and it's fine with me. Now, when we walk down the street, we have people looking at us like we are a speciment or something, but we don't care. We are in love and that's all that matters.
I don't care about race, I just look for somebody that's nice and has a great personality. Date whoever you want, we're all human and we all deserve to be happy.

Don't pay attention to anybody that tries to give you a hard time. It's none of there business what you do with your life.
let me thank brookie for speaking for us white men. maybe this is the kinda crap from white people that she is referring to. i certainly have no problems with that and would date her just the same.
I'm think interracial relationships are cool. I'm more attracted to white guys myself and my ex bf was Libyan. (middle-eastern). let's spread the word for more interracial relationships!
Race may not be the issue at all. Look at the personality you're going for. If you're making bad decisions with white guys, you could end up selecting the same type of black man too.
if 2 people love one another color doesn't matter. Unfortunately

society isn't always accepting. Love is the key!
They're okay sometimes.. some black men date non black women just because of their skin color. I don't like to see an attractive black man with an overweight white woman
A interracial relationship created me.

Then my white father left my black mother
the more interracial relationships there are the faster we can get rid of racist white men. they hate it so i hope all you racist white people read this question and pull the trigger
if God wanted us all the same; he would have created us all the same. different set of dogs. no ';race'; treats anybody differently. just have different values is all.
i'm cool with it, kinda weird so i personally wouldnt be in one.

damn 3 TDs but im Black
the more the better!
Nothing, I have nothing against it. If it who they love then it is no problem with me
Tsk Tsk we have a long way to go.
I'm cool with them.
they're so cute
im ok with it...if your a pretty girl u will get a lot of BS from whites.
EW!! im not into the 'melting pot' craze. and in no hurry to be a race traitor. white men will NEVER want you once you go black. Blacks should be with Blacks. Whites should be with Whites. And wow just because you choose crappy guys doesnt mean you should jump ship.
I think you are a nasty race traitor. I hope you know what you are doing because once you go black, NO white guys are going to want you back!!!!
i am white man married to a filipina but white women should not date or marry black men.

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