Saturday, January 23, 2010

How well do long distance relationships work?

Im considering moving away to college my girlfriend is gonna stay in our hometown, im just tryin to get a gage on how a long distance relationship is gonna be...ThanksHow well do long distance relationships work?
Well, I'm sorry to say they don't work out very well especially if you have committed yourselves to each other. Tex ting is very hard to do because the tone of the conversation doesn't always work plus its expensive, phoning is ok as long as you can afford calling cards or the phone bills, writing is good however it might take some time to receive a letter depending on how far away your sweetie lives. A whole lot of time is spent thinking about the other person and depression sets in sometimes even anger friendships are fine but relationships don't seem to work.How well do long distance relationships work?
you both need to communicate. chat and im, text and call each other, also cam chats... as well as communication u both need space well maybe just her if u really like her u could probly talk to her 24/7 but women are diferent they just need space some times... so figure out a time to talk each day for a certain amount of time that is good for both of you

ps: if u set a time to call or chat then u really can not forget about it. if u do it can go bad

good luck

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