Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do none of my relationships work out?

I don't think im that bad of a person, but no matter how hard i try to make a relationship work it doesn't. I can't stand how every guy i've been with doesnt seem to want it to work out too.Why do none of my relationships work out?
Well its called dating for a reason hun. you'll go through a lot of relationships until you find the one. Trust me you'll find someone that'll take care of you. And someone who will love u for who u areWhy do none of my relationships work out?
Ohh my god I do agree. Guys are way too picky these days and have so many expectations. I think they see all these pretty girls on tv and in the media and thats what they think they can have all the time or something! They are full of it! I too have the same problem as you.I meet people and think its going well and then they back right out of it when I think things are cool. I guess just give it time and relax. Stay busy dont call them and do your own thing. Its hard when you are interested in someone to let them go but I guess that makes them want you more!
Sounds like you are trying too hard. Make the guy chase you. Only call after he calls you first. Don't do everything for him, and make sure you leave room for him to breathe. (Times when you each do your own things %26amp; hobbies). Relax.
Why do your relationships fail? What reasons are you given, If it's always them breaking things with you then what were their reasons?

It could be any number of reason but it could just be because you haven't found the right person yet.
Be more picky when choosing the guy.... Figure out what you are looking for and don't settle for anything less
Guys have way too high of expectations these days there full of it. Sorry yal' but you know its true.

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