Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Marriage and or Relationships really that important?

Marriages are failing every moment of each day. Relationships grow old. I dont want to be alone/with out a male partner for the rest of my Life. But im soo tired of meeting new Men who hide his Flaws for 6 to 9 months.

Then ';Bam Gottcha'; . Easier to just Date.Is Marriage and or Relationships really that important?鈥?/a>

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Is Marriage and or Relationships really that important?
Only if you don't want kids.

This is my usual argument for marriage and children:

It's just what people do. It holds things together towards the end.

- Imagine you're old. Your career is over. You have no family left, you can't look after yourself anymore so you have to go live in a home. You've packed all your things into boxes, and they're going into storage even though you have no one to give them to except friends who are nearing the end themselves. This great house that you bought and made yourself is being sold for your home fees.

At the home all you can do is sit around. It's not like you can do all the stuff you enjoyed like sport and holidays to exotic places anyway. Other residents often flick through new photo albums of their grandchildren, get visits on weekends and get phone calls. You get no visits, no calls, no gifts on holidays and birthdays. No stories about first steps and school and braces. Nothing.

Sorry to get all deep on you, but that's the only way to make my point.
I think is important but if it doesn't happen, then we should force it.
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