Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it reasonable to accept the fact that your husband has extramarital relationships?

I know most women don't dream of their husbands having affairs with other women; however, it's a little known fact that most men cheat. Since most men cheat wouldn't only be reasonable for a woman to accept the fact that her husband cheats from time to time since he's going to do it anyway? After all he knows where home is, he knows who his wife is, and he pays the bills and takes care of home?

Just want your take on the matter.Is it reasonable to accept the fact that your husband has extramarital relationships?
I have to disagree with your statement that most men cheat - where are your stats to support this. The vast majority of men I know do not cheat.

If the man or the woman cheats then it is not acceptable. If they have made a committment to the other person (i.e. marriage) then they should not look outside of the marriage for sex.

It is all about communication - knowing who the other person is before you marry them and also both parties communicating their needs and expectations. This needs to continue throughout the relationship - that way the two people grow and change together.Is it reasonable to accept the fact that your husband has extramarital relationships?
It is not right for a wife to accept the ';fact'; that her husband will cheat when he hasn't done anything of it sort. Then her husband will think why bother to be faithful if she will treat him as a cheating husband anyway.

A man is innocent until proven quilty. Before he is proven guilty a wife should treat him with respect and love as what a good husband deserves to be treated. Some men will cheat even if he married to the most gorgeous girl alive.

Treat your husband the best you can, if he still cheat, you'll know the problem is not in you but in the man you're marrying.
Who do ';most men'; cheat with? Why don't we just say people cheat. Cheating has been issued a gender, but does that make it so? Racists have been issued a race (white people) but does that make it so? Sexist have been issued a gender (men) but does that make it so?

You just took away your power, equality, and intelligence by going along with mainstream politically correct thought.

Women, men, blacks, whites, gays and straights will NEVER achieve the mythical ';equality'; if we don't recognize that EVERYONE can be racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic.

Get off your sexist horse and realize your man cheated with a WOMAN who more than likely knew about you.
I would have some issues dealing with that, but if you can rationalize him cheating and it to be o.k. for you then it would be acceptable for you. All relationships are different and some could deal with that, my husband and I are very honest and we both have great trust in one another and if that trust is broken then there lies the problem but if the trust was never there with that then I don't see why you would have a problem
It is not unreasonable. A lot of women accept this knowing that it is just sex and not love. Some men have the same mistress and the same wife all their life. If everyone is more or less happy, why not? Happiness in my mind is how you decide, not some one else's rules or standards of morality.
Right or wrong, our culture does not choose to turn a blind eye to such arrangements. It is not a lot to EXPECT absolute fidelity in a marriage, but, unfortunately, it is pretty darned rare. I know a few wives who have made their deal with the devil in this area and they do not seem very happy, even while they choose to live this way.
if your ok with it i dont think it is the tone of your ? i think you are a very smart person. you'll probably take alot of crap answers out of this, But if you ok and your both carefull of stds,why not. I could never be ok with it.Ill give u a star for the ? because I will think on this ? all day sound like your very level headed.
No I would never expect that fact.If my husband wants to cheat he needs to leave me then do what ever it is he wants to do.I would never never ever accept my man cheating on me no matter what the circumstances.... Cheaters are on the bottom of my list totally...Cant standem!!!!!
F*CK no. If my man cheats, he's my EX man. And not all men do it, missy, that's a big fat lie. Perhaps you should set your sights a bit higher, the men you are with are lowdown dogs apparently.
Hell No!!!! If you fill this way I fell sorry for you!!! And I can't think that you would be OK with it!!! I would not want to think that my husband was in bed with another woman, But as for me NO!!
It's not reasonable to me. I disagree with your statement that most men cheat. A lot of men cheat, a lot of men don't-same for women.
well if you do you better make sure that he's using condoms so that he doesn't bring any unwanted visitors home if you know what i mean.
In my case..... totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

In that case, why even get married?!

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