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How does the use of pornographic materials affect an individuals day to day intimate relationships?

Need personal experience and opinions on how it affects relationships involving friends, spouses, and/or children and will be used only for a research paper for school that only myself and my instructor will have access to. Your answers would help me out to finish up with the assignment and definately be greatly appreciated. Thanks!How does the use of pornographic materials affect an individuals day to day intimate relationships?
Basically porn lessens the importance of intimacy in a relationship, and sometimes makes a relationship void of any intimacy at all.

I think porn is very harmful to people, whether they realize it or not. Why so many wives on here accept it as normal male behavior is beyond me. What they don't realize, is that their men are watching it because in some way the men aren't fulfilled in their own relationship.

A lot of people will tell you that porn can help to enhance the sexual aspect of a relationship, which is true if used occasionally. But what a lot of people don't realize is that over time, porn can actually turn men off of the real thing. This is because the more someone watches, the more extreme the porn becomes as they get bored with whatever type they were into before. So in order to fulfill the sexual desires these men now have, they need porn to get this satisfaction, because homestly most women aren't willing to go to the extremes that they now need. And, one last thing. Some of the people here need to realize how easily addictive it can be. When aroused, your brain lets of certain chemicals, which are very similar to the effects a drug can give you. You become addicted to that.How does the use of pornographic materials affect an individuals day to day intimate relationships?
While I'm sure your teacher's liberal agenda is to bash pornography, it does not affect my relationships. It is a pastime, a form of mild entertainment. I do not look at porn with my friends, I do not use porn to replace a sexual relationship with my wife, and I shield my children from all porn. It has no effect at all. I have seen many thousands of pornographic images, and hundreds of pornographic movies over my lifetime. But I am in a solid, stable marriage to a wife of 22 years, I have two great children ages 11 and 16, and I have a couple of very close friends and some acquaintances. Porn doesn't affect my life any more than watching baseball.
I think if it's used as an enhancement for your intimate relationships rather than a substitute for the real thing it can be healthy and fun. And it can definitely spice things up. It also keeps my poor husband from going crazy, as I am on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and am not allowed to have sex.

On the flip side, one of my husband's friends is addicted to porn. He's still a virgin at 27 because he's afraid the real thing won't live up to what he sees in porn (his words). He's also scared to death of talking to women, so maybe it's something he hides behind.
Not of personal experience but apparently the use of such materials become addictive and by survey on the Y many women complain as they become worthless sexually speaking. Yes! It does affect the relationship. The same may be said about couples enjoying a threesome session. It ruins the marital relationship.
we have used it together and if we both have aggreed on it I don't get upset or jealous. We have been togther almost 30 years. However, if he looks at it and I didn't really want to with him or he is addicted to it behind my back I feel it destroys our relationship. It leads to so many other things and I feel it can be a form of cheating,degrading and be somewhat abussive. As a lady ages she needs her spouse to look at her with love. He needs to love her and her worn out body that scrubbed,cooked,nursed the babies,etc. Somehow men feel they can be fat and ugly but their wife better not be. They think it's ok to steer at babes walking by,look at porn to get excited even if not aggreed on etc. Then everywhere they go throughout the day they are hitting on younger,thinner beautys and if they had money they would dump their spouse and go for it. Some want their cake and eat it too. They want sex on the side with the beauty and use their wife like a slave at home and the only sex she gets to see is surely for his pleasure and it isn't making love to her. Then both feel cheated and end up either cheating and or getting a divorce. Porn is addictive and takes away from family values and relationships.
It will undermine the personal relationship. The need for porn will grow, as the need for one-on-one sex is diminished. More vulgar porn will be needed to get the same initial response, therefore more time is spent with porn and less with SO; the relationship withers due to lack of intimacy.
Well, on the days we feel like putting some on, it usually results in us having intercourse, though honestly we do that without it so I can't really say it has any affect other than a little visual stimulation here and there.

If it ever affected relationships with children then I think the problem goes much deeper than watching porn. *shudder*
My husband watches porn and it used to really bother me but he does get some really good ideas from some of it and it was pointed out that I love adult romance novels and some of them get pretty steamy. As long as he respects that I won't do some of that stuff I plan on leaving him alone. On the other hand, I feel like we are usually having ';sex'; rather than making love. And I need to feel the emotional part of just having him run his hands up and down my body and being kissed and held..
Porn is not bad when used only by adults if you start letting kids watch it then you run into BAD problems.

In my personal relationship I see no wrong in it for my Fiance to watch it a little bit but he does not need it when I am HOME because he has me
if it is used daily (w/ spouse not involved)it desensitizes you and creates unrealistically expectations of the other gender

if it is something that you and your spouse watch together it could be something that enhances your relationship
When used together by the couple it can enhance the intimate relationship!

When used by one person and it is despised by the other then it will ruin the intimate relationship!
It could improve the user of pornographic materials own personal sex life or he/she (the user) could become so dependent on it, that he/she couldn't function sexually with another human being.
This may not be a popular answer but sex is a beautiful gift. Why make it ugly with porn. If a man looks at porn it makes his partner feel like she isn't enough. I think it can only harm a relationship.
It doesn't affect ours in the least.

But it sure heats up our sex life occasionally.
Are you saying that you get turned on by watching base ball ?
Whilst many people don't think pornography can affect relationships in their life and is not seen as an issue, or does not affect them, the truth is it can affect relationships. The addiction to pornography for one thing can arise in male and female, and across all age groups, the reason why is because of how easy it is for people to access the material and it can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Because you are writing a research paper, you can put the positives that other people have written as well as the negatives.

A good book to read is the Gift of Sex : A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment by Clifford and Joyce Penner. In their book they have a chapter that talks about pornography. It is written by Christian Pastors, but they are also internationally recognised sexual therapists, with Joyce being a nurse and Clifford a clinical psychologist, so I believe the content is valid, it is just merely coming from a Christian point of view, but I believe it can help.

Firstly, the chapter talks about the changes in society to how people had to view pornography, that being you had to walk to a sleazy part of town and then be seen by others going into the venue, now its on the internet, cable television, its easy to access, does not screen for age and so on.

It then defines what is a pornography addict is, that is when people masturbate to the content, feels the need to want to search for new websites, affects your sleeping patterns, makes excuses to do something else when all you want to do is watch pornography, lose track of time, lie to the people they love about what they are doing, clearing the internet history so not to be caught.

How does it affect relationships? Well for children who view the content, they can grow up with an unrealistic view about what sex is about, as they go on to being an adult, what they view is seen as what they can try to get in real life. For boys in particular their first experience is what is ingrained in their mind, and as they grow, enter marriage and so on, they always want to revisit what bought real excitement to them, and if it doesn't happen, it can be negative for them and look for outlets elsewhere, or lose interest in being intimate with their life partner.

It can affect marriages, some things that I have read about and watched were of men having sex with his partner, but only way to get excitement was to have a pornography magazine next to him.

Because you are doing a research paper, you need to realise that you must be careful with how you use personal opinions of people over the internet because the whole purpose of it is that you have made your opinion shown by what you have found in the research, followed by your opinion and ways on how to beat the addiction which I will give you now.

First, a person needs to admit his addiction to someone, thats the greatest step, second, change your life patterns, such as being accountable to someone to check your history, putting your computer to a public easy to get caught in the act area, get filters, give the passwords to your spouse, go to bed the same time as your spouse, stop masturbating to the internet. Focus on you, which means take control of your life. Focus on your relationships, if you didn't have a hobby before, then make this an excuse to find one and replace the pornography with positive real friendships, I have also said to people that this can encourage the meeting of a potential future spouse. And lastly, be accountable for your decisions, make the right choices.

I apologise this is long, but I hope it helps.

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