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How did your teen relationships start?

I am wondering how good relationships have started in the teen years, because I really like this girl at school but I'm not too sure how to start the relationship. Please just share your stories so that I can know what works and what doesnt. Thanks!How did your teen relationships start?
I have known my now-boyfriend since we were 11, as we both transfered to the same elementary school in grade 6 for a French program. We continued on to the same high school, and because we both live in the same area he started giving me rides home in grade 11. By the beggining of grade 12 we were pretty good friends.

One day I was working a day shift at the restaurant I work at, and who should pop in for a visit but my friend. He made some awkward conversation and eventually mumbled a goodbye. About a minute later, he came back inside and told me he wanted to be more than friends with me. That was on January 3, 2007 and we have been together ever since.

For us, it really helped that we were friends first because we were able to skip over the basic 'getting to know's' about the other person in the start of our relationship. We already knew what kind of person we were getting involved with!

Hope that helped.... hopefully you can have the same luck I did! Good luck!How did your teen relationships start?
Im a teen too. im 14 and i just got out of a serious relationship. Me and this guy met because he was dating my best friend. We became friends and just started talking. Well they ended up breaking up and me and him just started getting closer.Its always better if u start off friends and get to know eachother before you date.Get her number and start talking alot. and when u know she likes you ask her if she wants to date. but dont do it over text. i have when guys do that. ask her in person and if u cant do that ask her over the phone. Make sure she knows how you feel. and dont be embarassed that you like her. if she knows that you tell your friends that you like her then shell know you really do care.
well to tell you the truth i jumped in too fast as the previous stated and well i found out through heartbreaks that God didnt intend for me to be with that person. Feel me. Just take things slow and make sure you secure one anothers feeling and bring everything up front with your hunnie if you do get together. I found out that a serious relationship doesnt go far when you dont have honesty and trust. Are yall in the same grade? Do yall have the same friends? I had a few lost of friends when i dated in the same circle. I also found out recently that astrology has a lot to do with the way peolple treat one another. Dont rely on only this you have to get to know one another b/c My boyfriend is an Aries which is a fire sign ans I am a Pisces which is a water sign which is said to usually put the ';fire out'; but since aries is the more dominate in this relationship we are good ! we also have similar hands in palmistry which means we have similar interest and numbers in numerology which means in our life we have been through some of the same stuff. Yeah I am studing all this so if you have any questions and want to submit some birthdays I will be happy to state a few words. All I can say is in the end it is up to God with how the relationship works out b/c me and my boyfriends past life brought us to today our future. we dated these two people who use to date and they found it necessary to break up with us and be with one another so apparently everything happens for a reason and it was better this way so take care and if you dont respond back look up some chinese astrology too b/c mine b/f is a dragon born in 1988 and I am a tiger born in 1986 which are also compatible. we definitly have different interest but we compromise. :)
me and my boyfriend were friends in middle schol it SLOWLY got in to a love relationship. i would discuss my love life with him then finally i relazied wat a great guy he was. well we were both shy so we would text%26amp;talk on the phone but we would pass each other in the hall way and not say a word i would cry becuase it was so ridiculous i was going out with someone and i couldnt even say hey inside of school. outside of school we were fine and could take but with help and friends and time and just taking deep bretahs we were able to finally talk. now we always take when we see each other in school we have been going out for over a year. the best advice is to just go for it worst case she says no but probaly she will say yes
my most recent one started with the girl texting me almost every night to confirm what the homework was or ask what i got for something or somethign like that. and she would eventually start a conversation from there. then i pointed out that she always asks what i got for stuff, so she stopped doing that and just started texting me like ';hey whats up';. so i guess that worked even though she really wasnt for me.
I wrote a guy a note back in my freshman year of high school (his sophomore) 4 years ago.

We instantly became best friends, and we realized last summer that we were in love with one another.

We're still together and happily in love, despite our little arguments.

Teen relationships are great. Just go for it, you only live once and you're only a teenager for 7 years of your life.

Get to know her, and be her friend first. My best relationship was with a guy who was my best friend and we slowly started to date. Showing an interest in her in a friendly way first allows her to be comfortable with you and trust you, especially if she is inexperienced with dating. Just relax and have fun!
with teen relationships its never really a major serious thing...but like most of these people said just start of being friends and getting to know the person. because alot of people (exspecially teens) make the mistake of jumping into the relationship to what adults do and try getting to know the person and taking the relationship slow before you jump into things...i wish i could of known this when i was in highschool beleive me...would of had less heartbreak...
Okay first off go up too her and ask her how her day is or tell her she looks beautiful. If she likes you back ask her if she wants too go see a movie or even if she wants too have a moonlight picnic. If she says yes then do the picnic and go get her at about 11:45 pm and then bring her somewhere where you can see the moon then say her name and she will say ya? Then be like will you go out with me? And see what she says good luck!
Mine was a prank call.... My friend had me call her ex and we fell in love and talked everynight then we met and were together a lot after that!

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