Saturday, January 23, 2010

What are your thoughts on interracial relationships?

My bf is black and I am white.

I am just wondering what you thought about relationships with 2 different races.

Thanks.What are your thoughts on interracial relationships?
I am Caucasian and my wife is Indian. You love who you love. If it's an interracial relationship, it's an interracial relationship. It's just like any other relationship, and no different from two whites loving each other, two blacks loving each other, two Hispanics, or two Asians, or two Dominicans loving each other.What are your thoughts on interracial relationships?
I am totallly open about it, and I think a lot of people are. and if anybody reading this isn't, then please broaden your horizons! It is great that interracial relationships are occuring, and if I saw an interracial couple walking down the high street I wouldn't bat an eyelid.

It's natural, we're all human :)
my Dad is half black half mom is half black and half white...and my kids are half white...and I would consider myself a black female and I date white guys...its not the least bit unacceptable to me...I don't care what color you are...its all about a personality to me...and if you have it I would consider dating you...if I wasn't already taken
I'm a fully white aussie and i dated a darkest black african male... for a year too... we got alot of weird looks from people but i didn't care!

We were happy and that's all there was to it... we didn't even break up on bad terms, his mum fell ill and he had to fly back to her...

Don't let the looks and/or people tell you your relationship is wrong!
There's nothing wrong with it

If people have a problem with it, that's their racial streak in them that they need to get rid of, this world is horrible enough with all the racism that goes around, being racist about interracial couples is just going too far.
My boyfriend is half-black and I am white (yeah, the thumbs down fairies are gonna get me!). I honestly don't see an issue in it at all. As an answerer above said, we are all equal and equal to date who we want no matter the colour, gender etc. That's what I believe :)
I do not see the issue at all! It is terrible that someone would think it wrong or odd or even different.

if your happy and he is happy who am i to say you too dont match?

I am appalled at the opinions so far!!! Why on earth would being a different color matter!?!?!?
I personal do not see a problem in it myself. If we are all equal, That means we are all equal to date who we want, no matter what race, color or background they or you are. The Emancipation Proclamation so states that by the way in so many words.
Nothing wrong with it...

love is love, no matter what color, sex, appearance..


ADD: wow, you people suck tonight! i was just giving my opinion, no need to go all ';thumbs down crazy'' on me! geez
My mom is white and my dad is black. And my boyfriend's white.

I love interracial relationships. Maybe I'm a bit biased lol.
I grow up in a family with interracial relationships, but it's hardly very different then the same race.
I think it is the person's choice. I personally wouldn't do it but people can do what they want.
I am 1/2 Scotch, 1/2 Irish, my late husband was 1/2 Black African and 1/2 Jamaican...we married within our own race...the HUMAN race.
i'm really open about it.
i don't think there's any thing wrong with it my moms white and my dads half white and half black
They're just people...

The colour of ones skin truly doesn't matter to me.

my cousin is white and she married a black man and they live happily and have 2 kids

there is nothing wrong with it
Love is love no matter what the race, gender or any other looks. I see nothing wrong with it :).
This is the saying i use to express my opion on this topic

';Love is color blind';
My boyfriend is mexican and I'm white.

Our baby is a vanilla bean = ]
its really cute! i have no problem with it, i love black guys actually!
Wait......Why don't don't black girls date white guys? You never see this for some reason. Could it be that it wouldn't be accepted by their own family? Sorry its very true. I would more than be happy to date Black women. Its not acceptable in there eyes! So, why should I respect it the other way around?
I don't care

You're probably trailer trash or something

The people who downvoted me are white people who only like sell outs.
i think interracil relationships are better than regular ones becuz they spice of certain aspects of the partners live
not good. .

It's tough enough being one color or race without complicating it with a mix.
i don't think it looks good if your white and hes black !!!

but if you like him than i guess its okay !!!

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