Sunday, January 17, 2010

How are relationships different from when you are 18 to 21 and older?

how is it like during your teen stage and how is it different when you get to being 20 and over.

do your relationships stay stronger and you have more control of what you want?

was young love just something to just have fun and mess around with?

so, what are your thoughts?How are relationships different from when you are 18 to 21 and older?
I think as you get older you get wiser, and I found that I got idea of what I wanted from a relationship, you also and become more emotionally and financially stable. I found I learnt from my past relationships, to make the relationship that I am in now stronger.How are relationships different from when you are 18 to 21 and older?
Some people say there relationship was stronger when they didn't have sex as they had something to look forward too. Some people say sex ignites there relationship.
To remain realistic is a crucial part of any relationship. As we grow older we gain more and more life experience. This tends to have a changing effect on our expectations and toleration's of others. Especially our partner, so we always need to consider our partners view point as well as our own and make the best decisions for both of us. This will frequently mean one of us compromising for the sake of the one we love and cherish. Some see compromising as a weakness, I see it as essential to maintaining a healthy and mutually respectful relationship with her/him whatever the case may be.
When I was a teenager, I allowed my emotions to totally control my thoughts and mind. If I loved a girl, she was all that I thought about the whole day.

During the age of 18-21 I was more into having ';experiences'; with females. I wasn't really into love, Per Se. Now that I am a little older, I am looking for a friend whom I can have a meaningful long term relationship. Kind of a death do you part sorta love. I am in no hurry, I've made that mistake before; but I am faithful to the search.
when I was really young it was most often plain infatuation.....and sometimes real obsessive,could be hopelessly falling in love over a pair of blue eyes.....later in my twenties I fell in love with a person....outside/inside but LOOKS still mattered a lot and now almost 40 I want somebody to share things with and share same interests like traveling or books or pets.....and with whom I can talk and laugh.... an attractive appearance is important and he must be a NON-smoker besides being a caring,loving,compassionate person .Sex,I mean making love is important but not all.....I think when you are younger you go for WHO YOU WANT but later WHO SUITS YOU BEST,its like companionship aswell

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