Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do relationships that sprout from friendships turn out?

If you were friends with a guy for awhile, then started going out with him, then broke up eventually, what happened?? Were you still friends? Or did things change?How do relationships that sprout from friendships turn out?
plain and simple

if yu go out with your best guy friend you cant dump him and say i stilll want us to be friends

becouse to a guy thats like ripping his heart out and keeping it in your troffie case

and he will spend 2-3 weeks trying to aviod you and may start talking agan depending on how much he liked you

the more he liked you the longer it would take him to talk to youHow do relationships that sprout from friendships turn out?
i was with my best friend, and things were wonderful when we were together, but then things fell apart, and i loved him, so it sucked. we ended up not talking throughout the entire school year, and like i said it sucked, cause i not only lost my boyfriend but my bestfriend too. buuut we're back together again.

but things, atleast for me, definantly changed after the break up.
for me i went out with two of my best guy friends, the first one wasnt so bad for awhile, we dated for a few days and.. i got dumped, but we were still friends for awhile... then i dated my other best friend.. and his best friend... that didnt work out so well, we dated, thought we fell in love, 10 days later he broke my heart, i was mad for awhile cuz he just went back to his ex and we hate eachother. but eventually we went to being friends. then he told me he was using me to get his ex back anyways. so i was mad at him again... and i no longer talk to him.. and both of them, who used to be best friends, are no longer friends at all, because the second one i dated started to blow everyone off for his ex/current gf. so... jumbled bf gf drama. lol but thats not the situation for everyone.. i just seem to be really good at making friends that are @ssholes., and then being stupid enough to date them

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