Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have a friend that is with an abusive jerk. She leaves him/takes him back all the time. The guy is no good for her or the kids. My question is how do I make her understand he is a loser and she needs to leave him for good.Relationships?
I don't think it is your business what she does.Relationships?
She will see it eventually you just have to let her see it. I was in an abusive relationship for about one and a half yrs. It took him going to jail before i saw him for who he was. When you are in that postion you dont know or don't realize that you don't deserve to be treated like that. Good luck just keep being a good friend for her she is going to need you soon.
Is she just repeating a pattern that she grew up with? If so, you could help her SEE how it always ends. It sounds like your friend has some self-esteem issues... You could have a Make Over date? After the ';Make Over'; have a night on the town and don't even mention HIM! Show her that she can have a good life without a man. And if you CHOOSE to have someone, they should be somebody that is worthy of her/you!
You can't... as a woman you should know that some girls don't want nice guys cause they can be ';boring';

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