Sunday, January 17, 2010

What do you think of interracial relationships?

I really don't approve of interracial marriage. I don't want men of other races taking our women. White women are more beautiful and attractive than other women! It says so in the bible. We're here to please God.

We treat our women better, we have strong family values, we don't cheat, and we take care of our children better. We're not deadbeat dads.

What do you think of interracial relationships? Should everyone stick to their own?What do you think of interracial relationships?
I personally am only attracted to white guys and wouldn't be in one.

I don't like the thought but to each their own I guessWhat do you think of interracial relationships?
Hmmm I have low intelligence for stating my opinion yet you picked my answer as the best answer? LOL! Yeah that makes a lot of sense!

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Where does it say that in the bible? Who are you to judge that you're a better parent and have better family values? Do you honestly think no white men cheat? And being white means you're incapable of being a deadbeat and all other races automatically are?

I'm actually very curious about where the bible would say that white women are the most beautiful, after all, considering where it was written (Middle East), the people of the times would likely be brown-skinned and probably not have seen a white woman.
You may want to get out more. A lot of what you believe is inconstant with facts. Why don't you volunteer in the inner city or a hospital and learn that man are men and women and women. Some will have different morals/beliefs/customs than you, but others will have the same.
You have some serious issues. It's 2009 dude, not 1909. I find women and men of all races attractive. It definitely does not say white women are the most beautiful in the Bible, and if you believe that.. you might need to seek therapy. Just sayin'.
Where the **** does it say that in the bible? Interracial marriages are completely fine.... skin color is just the same as hair color, you can like certain kinds but it doesn't matter.

RACE is invented anyway.
i guess i'm not even shocked that you asked this. i just can't believe that in our society today, people would still think like this. i hope i see the day race, color, ethinicity doesn't matter. i doubt it will happen... but one can hope.
I approve of dating anyone and everyone

Again... why is everything about race

I disagree. If you're in love with someone you look past that. Stop being so one-minded, expand your horizons, and break that mold..
Well said, there are some i approve of. But so i dont get a VN. i wont say which ones
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