Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do long distance relationships work well between two people in two different worlds?

I'm a Chinese American who recently found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with in China. Do you think this relationship would work? Has anyone seen anyone in this situation before? Thanks!Do long distance relationships work well between two people in two different worlds?
i live in wisconsin, and my boyfriend and his family moved to switzerland. it is definately possible for us because we keep in touch everyday through the internet, and we even get to talk on the phone occasionally. love can span any distance. this is a quote that keeps me going : ';whenever i get sad because i miss you, i remind myself how lucky i am to have someone so special to miss.'; good luck :)

(we've been dating for 8 months)Do long distance relationships work well between two people in two different worlds?
I dated a guy from Mexico City for 4 years while I was in the U.S.He was the love of my life and to this day, the person that knows me the most. Long distance relationships work only if the 2 people are commited to each other and are willing to make sacrifices. I got Skype so I could call him for a very very low cost. We also communicated by e-mail and visited each other as often as we could, which sometimes wasn't even more than twice a year.However, we found that being far away from each other makes me relationship stronger because you don't get tired of the person and when the times come to actually see each other again, its the most amazing feeling ever. I got butterflies every time. Good luck:)
I think it is not the matter of the distance. It is something related to both of you. If both of you have strong commitment to stay close to each other, it is fine.

Try to know more about him, and let him know that between two people there is not secret. Tell each other what you think. Don't let each other guess what he or she is thinking. It is not good to create doubt.
I was living in the States I went to Europe in 1999 for a couple of months I met a young woman there got engaged. In 2000 we got married she arrived here in 2001 she was there almost 3 years we kept in touch though phone calls. My wife is here with me in the States so I would say yeah if you believe in your relationship. Good luck to you
Of course! I'm an avid believer that any relationship can work, no matter the distance, if you're true to yourself and the person whom you love, if you trust that person without fail, and if your love is real.
well... it depends on the people you are.

when i was 16 i had a boyfriend who lived in australia (i live in canada)

he moved here for me and we have been EXTREMLY happy ever since!.

BTW, we were long distance dating for a year maybe. and we both trusted eachother with everytrhing. now we are promised to be and i couldnt be happier!
I would say anything is possiable if u really love each other. but 9 out of ten times - they dont work! most of the time u just dont get the right connnection...
No, but you can make it work if you want to really badly
My friend is at her 9 month with her boyfriend who is too far to see. not nearly as far as china though. If the love is strong enough, it will last.

It depneds on who you are.

I wish the best of luck to both of you :)

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