Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do loving relationships turn into screaming fights all the time?

we have just moved next door to a family, who scream at eachother all the time over little things. its disturbing. even the kids get involved in twlling the parents to shut up.

how does a marriage (supoposing they where initially in love) turn into such a nightmare?How do loving relationships turn into screaming fights all the time?
lets see where should I start...what can cause a marriage to turn into a chaotic screamfest....

-MONEY or lack of


-no time together

-pressure from work/ school

-being pregnant

-new babies

-threat of being laid off


-xmas coming up and you cant afford that ONE toy lil johnny wants so bad!

-pressures of being a parent



are you picking up what Im putting down?? ALOT can cause a relationship that was once loving to a relationship full of turmoil. These ppl need counceling BADLYHow do loving relationships turn into screaming fights all the time?
When you live with someone long enough, that person is bound to get on your nerves, A LOT!

Many times we use our partners as scape goats. We vent all our frustrations on our spouses because they are a non threatening target since we are married to them. Many people bring much emotional baggage from long work day and pretty much unload it at home at their loved ones.

Even the smallest things begin to offset us. My husband used to complain about everything and I'd rationally respond to him. However, now I feel like I'm running out of nerves to deal with him. Every little, smallest complaint he makes, it makes my skin crawl and I have such reaction to him. I yell back even when he asks me where I put his shirt, for example.

Its such a small simple interaction between two people, yet I've been conditioned to constantly hear his complaints, therefore anything sets me right off on him.
It's all because of selfish pride.

Neither one will EVER give in to the other over anything. Each HAS to win the battle.

Guess what?

Marriage is not a win/lose deal. It's either win/win or lose/lose. There is no other way out of it. You either submit each unto the other and win/win or call the attorneys to do the battle for you.
They are selfish and immature. It's just too bad they brought children into this life style. If I were you I'd tell them you don't appreciate your life interrupted with their fighting matches all the time and it bothers you that it intrudes into your home.
Hmm................I also know a family may be worst than them................i think so when women gone crazy than it's happen..................allthough i am also a woman..................

when women wants to control on every thing,,,,,,,,,,,,and show off they are more intellegent................that's what her problem.
They forgot they were partners and became adversaries. They would rather be right than to do the right thing. It's a poor example for the children. How very sad.

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