Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can long distance relationships work for high schoolers?

I met this guy at the beach this summer. I had known him for several years but we just hit it off this year. I even stayed longer with him at the beach when my family left. We both really like each other, maybe even love. However, he lives in Europe and I live in the States. Is there any way we can make it work? Or should I just try to forget my heart and get over him?Can long distance relationships work for high schoolers?
I won't say it can't work, but the odds aren't in your favor. It would take a lot of work, which may or may not be worth it in the end. Honestly, I've always had the feeling that if I didn't know how something was going to work out, then I owe it to myself to find out. A relationship like that requires an unbelievable amount of trust and honesty. If you're not prepared to put the work in for it, then get over him. If you think it's worth a shot, well then, it probably is.Can long distance relationships work for high schoolers?
you can try and make it work.. there's countless ways you can keep in touch and things like skype mean you can talk to each other regularly for free.

you can make it work, but it depends how important actually seeing a person is to you and him. perhaps give it a go and if it doesn't work out, make sure that you end things mutually and decide to remain friends until the time is right for you both.

good luck
Look my long distance relationship didnt work at all. The fights started every week and we missed holding eachother..its just sad when your upset and they cant come hug you and say everything is going to be ok. But it might work outthough so if you think you love him alot and you can trust him then go for it.
when i was in highschool i was in a long distance relationship (well it wasn't exactly long distance but we didn't go to the same schoool nor see eachother once every 4 months...) and hey it worked out we are still together. we talked almsot everyday and we are reallya great couple
Long distance are REALLY hard. I mean i am away from my boyfriend only 7 weeks in a year %26amp; we are having problems cause we can't really exchange our love and **** over the interner! I think since you don't see him for like a year maybe make it an Open Relationship!
Try you will never know unless you try anything is possible. The only way it will not work if you doubt the relationship.
Impossible 2 work unless 1 of u moves 2 the others country.
doubt it

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