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How many relationships end because the man does not want to get married?

Is this still a common phenomena in 21st century Britain?

Lets assume the relationship is good and you love each other. What if the male does not want marriage for whatever reason.

Would you end a relationship which was good if your views did not meet on this?

Is marriage really the be all and end all?

Interested in your views.How many relationships end because the man does not want to get married?
I have a lot of male friends %26amp; they always say they want to have a family %26amp; children. The opposite to what I've always said. I've never wanted marriage %26amp; never had my life planned out to have children.

I guess I just don't wanna fail so don't set myself any goals. What will be, will be.

I do think it is a phobia to a certain extent %26amp; will always be there. I think it will be there for women but reading stories in my magazines, women tend to go through with it despite their doubts. Which worries me. If I wasn't 100% sure, I wouldn't do it. Simple.

It's not the be all and end all. It's more important to some than others. If I'm happy in a relationship, why get married?How many relationships end because the man does not want to get married?
a lot, because most women really want marriage, they want that final commitment. If u r in a relationship and u really want marriage, it will be a bone of contention if he is denying this commitment and its okay to feel this way and yes I would end it and did, it wasn't long before I got that marriage proposal, because ultimately he was going to lose me to someone else, sometimes, a little motivation is needed to sort out how he really feels. Don't settle for less, when u deserve more...all the best
A lot, I bet.

Marriage is a very difficult proposition in this day and age, I believe, because a) there is plenty of opportunity for sex outside of marriage (in fact more than in!) and b) the laws are so biased against men in terms of divorce.

If a man isn't interested in children, or in the off chance he's marrying someone with more money than him, there is zero point in marriage.

I'm assuming we're talking bout you here...

If you guys have sex, live together, etc., what is his motivation? He has all the benefits of a wife without any of the responsibilities. Why buy the cow, right?
I don't know if many relationships end. In my case he didn't want to, I pushed him and he accepted... I am not saying this is the best way to go, however, after 6 years (we are still married) I understand now that the guy Truly loves me, and that for him IT WAS too soon! (also for me!).

So think well well well about it, when a guy doesn't want to marry you usually there may be 100000 reasons for it, not necessarily that he doesn't love you.... he may be too young, or may feel he cannot take the financial responsibility. Don't end it because of ';duty'; or stupid common sense stories....
It depends on how you feel about it. If marriage is important to you but not your significant other, you have to re-evaluate. If you find it's more important just to be together, enough said. But if you truly feel that you want and need to be married, explain this to him. If he doesn't feel the same, that is a fundamental difference that's big enough to justify breaking up...although you don't really need justification.
I don't know about Britain, but it happens in Merica. And marriage is a big point in the relationship. If a man doesn't want to get married but only wants to be committed forever instead of just getting married, it alway confuses me. What is he waiting on.
i don't see y there's this stigma? i mean its not like you can't get divorced, its so stupid men are silly, its takes a real man to get married. I would end it i think because i want children in a stable marriage i would get fed up with it.
I really believe he just doesn't want to marry that person (you). It's the greatest excuse ';Oh, I do love you I just don't want to marry anyone'; Translated: You're ok, I get sex and your personality is ok, why should I marry you???
marriage is just another way to waste money. relationships can be just fine without it. whats the point of getting married. its only gonna end bad for both people so why not use that day to do somethuing prodictive ... or sleep in
It's the same number as the number of women who jump in the sack with a guy thinking that it will make the guy want to marry her.
I don't think you should get married unless you are planning to have kids, or if you are old (beyond petty emotions and childbirth age) and getting married would bring you important social benefits.
if it's really 'good' why not be married?

Marriage is really a legal thing designed to protect and ensure partner's and the state's legal rights....look them up.
it depends on if you want your princess day or if u believe they wouldnt marry any1 regardless, some say no marriage and turn around and marry the next one some dont. it depends on the people

think about it.

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