Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How many serious relationships did you have before finding the right one?

I am just curious about this. I feel like I've gone through atleast 10 guys now and have been hurt so many times. Just don't know how many more I need to go through before I finally have some luckHow many serious relationships did you have before finding the right one?
As for me my first relationship (I was 18) only lasted for 3 days because after that she left for UK to pursue her studies. My second relationship (I was 20) only lasted for 3 months mainly because I was too playful. My third relationship (when I was 22) lasted for 6 months because she wasn't my type. My fourth relationship (when I was 23 years) only lasted for 3 months again mainly because I felt pressure from her family. My fifth relationship (when I was 25) lasted only for 2 weeks because she couldn't leave her boyfriend. At that point I thought that i would never find the person that I could spend my life with mainly because after all those unfruitful relationship I've concluded that I was the type of guy who feared of commitment! Then around 29 years old, i started a new relationship with a girl. Through out the whole relationship, I called for breakup about 5 times but at the end we made up because she is a very tolerance and patient person. Now I am 32 and married with the girl (my wife now) and expecting a baby girl :-) So i guess everyone will find his or her Miss or Mr. Right! When you find that person, no matter what obstacles appear or come between you two, it will eventually solve or sorted out. I really thank my wife for not giving up on me and love me unconditionally! And i believe you will definitely find your own happiness too.... I know you will and you have ti believe that too.. Never give up!

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