Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do long distance relationships really work out ?

I moved far away but me and this guy want to start dating. Would it ever really work ?Do long distance relationships really work out ?
Long distance relationships can and do work, but you have to make an effort. Even in normal relationships you have to make an effort, so don't be put off by thinking it sounds too hard to do.

As long as you communicate as often as possible, commit to each other and really trust each other, you'll probably be fine.

Try and talk on the phone/web cam at least once every 2-3 days (every day is best) and email/sms, etc. every day. The more the better. Also, try and get some depth into your discussions. I love you and I miss you gets a bit boring after a while, even though it's nice to hear.

If you and your partner commit to making it work, you will most likely succeed. It's a matter of will power. It's not easy, but it's definitely possible. Out of commitment and good communication, trust will follow naturally.

Try to see each other as often as possible. Really make an effort to get to each other. Also, it's a good idea to mark off the days as they go past when you do not see each other. It will make the passing of the time much more bearable.

Lastly: Enjoy it, it's hard, but really not that bad.

Good luckDo long distance relationships really work out ?
I would say no. Its really difficult for that kind of thing to last and usually the last for either 2 reasons.

1) A strong relationship was based before the long distance thing so its not too difficult and you both know you'll be together soon

2) you enjoy each other more when in a long distance relationship and can't deal with them in person so it doesn't work out anyway in the end.

But that's just me.
see am having the same problem but not *** bad.

well me and my boifriend and me went out before but it dint work out.

he asked me out again but it was wen he had gotten kkicked out of the school so i dont see him as much well cuz hes not in my school enymore i see him now like 2 times a month and for us itss going great we've been together since 9.19.08 and i love him.

so yess i guess theyy could work out. just DONT GIVE UPP on him if you really love him
I think it can but both people have to put in the effort to make it work.
only if you trust each oher 100%

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