Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do young people 18 and under think of interracial relationships?

What do you think of interracial relationships teens? Would you get involved? Would you have mixed kids with him/her?What do young people 18 and under think of interracial relationships?
There's no big deal. You're attracted to who you're attracted to. As long as they're a consenting adult human, anything is fine.What do young people 18 and under think of interracial relationships?
I'm still a teen 19 I speak on experince I date someone who is mixed but I'm African American though... It's not an issue at all I love her to death... is it just me or is different race realtionships is more open to the public now? The kids the realtionship...none will be a problem.

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i also think its ok if u love eachother than why not

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im 18 i think its cool... i dont see anything wrong with it...

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There's nothing wrong with them :)

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i think it is ******* gross and i hope all the people that date other races should all die thin i will piss on your face and **** on your partners face it is disturbing and dirty and by the way i live in franklin if you go something to say about that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!鈥?

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i think race shouldnt be an issue in a relationship.

i dont think race should be an issue in anything, and its a proven fact that mixed kids are hot =P
i think interracial relationships are fine. im an interracial baby myself. =] i dun care what race my husband is as long as im happy and we love each other he could be purple for all i care.
yes, i think it is fine. i have been in an interracial relationship for over 3 years, family is not thrielled but they will live with itt
I think that it is fine for two people to have a relationship that have a different race. There isn't anything wrong with it as long as they love each other it is fine.
they are fine.

if you love someone it doesn't matter what race they are as much as it doesn't matter what their ears look like.
Nothing wrong with it at all! Love is love, and nothing else matters nor should matter.
i love the idea!!
It doesn't bother me in the least. As far as having mixed babies, some of the most beautiful babies I have seen were mixed... and some of the most attractive men. :)
nothing they are th same as any other relationships
as long as they are happy in the relationship it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Color is just that, a color nothing more.
I am hispanic and personally I like white boys. Me and my sister both do! lol She is engaged to a boy w/ blonde hair blue eyes and has 2 kids with him! The first one looks hispanic, black hair green eyes tan skin. But there second little girl has blue eyes and little blonde peach fuzz. I love my neices! My baby also has a white dad, but he is a peice of crap. %26gt;.%26lt; But when it all comes down to it. Race doesnt matter.. %26lt;3
I think it's fine. I have a multiracial boyfriend and I love him with all my heart.Yes I would have kids with him.
i think its beautiful. really shows you how much people are changing for the better, doesn't it?
Yeah, i'd treat them as i would anyone else.
It's fine.
I don't see why not. If you love the person then nothing else should matter
being a woman of 41. DIVORCED. was in a mixed marriage for 16 years had two beautiful children who have suffered because of their race .. i would suggest to you that life is hard enough and so are relationships frought with problems ,as to proceed into a mixed relationship be aware of all the added pitfalls you are adding to your life .. i speak from experience and not some romantic ideal of ';we should all live in harmony together'; this is the ideal situation not the REALITY of it !!!!!
to tell u the truth i would relation ship but not kids

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