Friday, January 15, 2010


If your fella was planning a 'boys only' weekend and openly admitted a bit of chatting up other ladies, getting pissed and going to peep shows was on the cards, would you be worried?

Would it bother you?Relationships...?
I couldn't continue to be with a person who found those activities to be ';fun';. It would mean we didn't have the same morals, and he didn't have the character I'd want in a partner.Relationships...?
If I could trust that would be as far as it goes I would let him have his fun. If I had any reason not to trust him I'd dump him. It is that simple.
I think what matters is if it bothers you or not. Personally, the getting pissed and going to see strippers etc. would not bother me if I knew I could trust him enough not to actually get off with other girls when I'm not around. At the end of the day, going to see strippers i.e. ';just looking'; is harmless, as long as it's me I know he is going to come home to.

If you can trust him not to misbehave, then don't let it bother you. However if you have doubts about whether you can trust him or if he'll be faithful or not then you really have to think about what this means for you and your relationship.

Hope this helps xx
If you trust him fine. But as my wife would say to me, If you are going to the peep shows, just don't be expecting any when you get home.
Why is it just because people warn others that they are going to misbehave, they think it makes it ok. It's like he is warning you in advance.

If he is serious about you and your relationship, he needs to act like he is and not go off on a single guy's week-end.

Oh and if you 'admitted' you were going to get pissed and chat up a few guys, I am sure he would NOT say 'That's ok you have a good time!';

If he comes home with a STD or worse who is to blame?
Well it would'nt be something I'd do, I would have to much respect for my girlfriend, not that I have one she finished with us 7 days ago!
I think that depends on the sort of relationship you have. It sounds a bit as though you'll have to have an ';open'; relationship or no relationship. If this is morally offensive to you, you have every right to say so. And if your feelings aren't considered, then maybe it's best to break it off. Personally, if my husband admitted that stuff to me.... first I'd ask WHY he admitted it (did he say it to anger me? was he trying to start a fight?) and then I'd consider whether our moral code was the same. You have to let him know that's what good for the gander is good for the goose!
know hat you have to remember is that he loves you and that flirting is just part of life even you may do it n not even realise if you must go with him lol gooooooooooooooddddd look
I'd break up with him.
When a bunch of guys get to gather things are going to happen. Not all of them are going to be dating and will want to do stuff single guys want to do and can easily bring in others that are dating into stuff they should be doing. Just be care full.
No.. It's no different when you go out with the girls and end up at Chippendale's! It's all about the trust.. I go to strip joints all the time.. I come home to my lady!
i will just dump him, out of common anger.
I don't think this is appropriate behavior. It would bother me and I would let him know.
if i voiced my oppinion and asked him not to do these things and he disreguarded my feelings, then yes, i'd be bothered. i wouldn't get upset about drinking or even peeps, but talking to other women is stricktly off limits. those women don't know he's involved and he could do something he regrets, and ruins the relationship
its just pure selfishness.. if you did the same to him he wouldnt like it, stand up for your self gal.

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