Friday, January 15, 2010


My questions is should I take back my ex, after she cheated

on me. And took me to a club where he came and sat down and started begging her to take him back, I was floored. should I or not.Relationships?
Well don't know what your circumstances are, but I know it is easier sometimes depending upon it, to hear people say, oh just get rid of her! Then it is to actually do that. It's not all in black and white. So what is your age? how long have you known her? What do you have together?Take a look at all of that stuff. I would write down the good and the hard things about this relationship, if your list is longer on the good, then maybe she's worth taking another look at and find out why is she cheating?Wanting more attention?Doesn't feel good about herself? What do you want to invest in this relationship?Otherwise, if your list of not so good or more hard times is longer, then say no, and walk away! There are lots more than ONE PERSON for anybody! You'll find that out, all in time.Relationships?
Ditch the bit*h, she's gonna fool around again.
hell no! once a cheater, always a cheater!!!!
Trust me, you don't want someone with that much drama following them around with you. Find someone else.
are you stupid? by reading the question im sure its safe to say yes
Best Answer!

So let me hear this right, you are now ex-boyfriend/girl friend because she cheated. Now time has passed and you are still interested in her, though she takes you to a club where another guy came and sat pleading to get back with her as well.

So this girl must have a golden snapping coochie or something - she has both you and another guy pondering and pressing for her love.

Guy, from one man to another man.

Go get another girl regardless of how you feel. Its not about her being worth it or not - The question is ';Are you worth it?'; Do you value you enough to have something better than yesterdays news when other babes I am sure are making headlines in your city? Do the obvious thing and say bye,bye!

Keep your headup, dude!
heeeeelllllllll no
if it didn't work the first time why would it the second time. don't go there.might catch something.
you do not need trash like that.take care of yourself and leave her be the right one will come along before you know it.
U should not.
it depends if you can forgive her. i forgave my boyfriend but i can never forget but im working on that. you cant help who you fall in love with

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