Sunday, January 17, 2010

What relationships do different cultures have with the sea?

What relationship do different cultures have with the sea and how much are they dependent on it for their well being?What relationships do different cultures have with the sea?
In Ancient times and in modern times cultures that could master navigation and use boats were generally prosperous. This allowed for trade, naval warfare, movement of troops, fishing, and transport. Societies that have been good at this is the Chinese dynasties, the Phoenicians were great navigators, the Athenians great at naval warfare, and the British Empire had always been good at trade. Current cultures still depend on the sea for income and some still hold superstitions towards it.

Before the Tsunami recently an Elder of one of the small fishing tribes watched the sea and saw a change in it and warned his village of the danger. Those that listened were saved.

So in ancient and modern times the sea has brought life and income to cultures and demanded respect.

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