Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is the difference between dating and serious relationships?

You know, on myspace and facebook, there is a distinction between looking for ';dating'; and ';a relationship.'; I just want to know the difference. Because seriously, when you ask a girl out on a date, doesnt she assume you want a relationship? Because, if not, then she should not be mad when you break up with her and just say that you were just interested in dating. Basically what is the purpose of dating if you aren't interested in a long term relationship? someone is going to get hurt in the end.What is the difference between dating and serious relationships?
To me the differences are totally opposite. I think all relationships should start out on a dating mode and then become serious later on if that what happens. Having a good time in life is the essence of life itself and it doesn't pay to get hung up right off the bat with a person on a date. Now if this happened to be a LDR then things are a bit different and those characteristics are outlined in my free report located in the source section below.What is the difference between dating and serious relationships?
That is ridiculous!!! What is that person like 16 years old???? WTF???? It ain't that serious!!!! But u know what...whatever floats your boat.

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There's dating, then hooking up. Hooking up can be disguised as dating because sometimes people will go out to places and do things together as if it were a date, but in the end the only purpose they're doing it is to hook up. And then they both mutually move on or one person gets attatched and you know how that goes.....You should be able to tell pretty quickly whether someone is only dating you to hook up, because they'll start making moves on you fast instead of getting to know you. Ok I don't know if any of that answered your question....but the purpose of dating is to get to know different people, and then from there you decide whether you would want to get serious with them or not. It's kind of like trying out clothes in the dressing room. peace.
there is casual dating which is pretty much just not taking the relationship seriously becasue maybe one or both of u are dating someone else, not interesed in a commitment, ur are not being sexual. It pretty much is a test to see if you like them enough to have a stronger relationship. You are trying to get to know them bettter.

a relationship is when you see each other all the time. Are sexual together possibly, and agree to not see other people.

Be specific when asking a Girl ';out'; People have different meanings sometimes. If you want to just go to the movies to hang out with her and get closer with her, then ask her if she'd like to go to a move. If you know her well enough then ask her to be your girlfriend. good luck %26lt;3
girls expect more out of a guy. and we want to enjoy guys. and when you ask a girl out, that is consideredd boyfriend and girlfriend. so if you want to just ';date'; the girl, you should find a girl the wants to do the same thing. if yall like how the date went, yall can call each other up for another one. and if not, she wont asume that you want to date her but you have to make it clear to her before you go on the date with her that you are just dating right now. i hope this helped!

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